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Puddings_cPudding is a very popular dish in US. We cook it for parties and as every day dish. There is a tradition to serve Christmas pudding at Christmas dinner. But not all of us knows how to serve puddings right, what partners should be served with this dish, what problems may appear and so on. In this article you can read some information about all that and also you can find several exciting pudding recipes here.

Gateau l'ambassadeur (Ambassador's Cake)

Ingredients: 1/4 lb chocolate chips or cooking chocolate (couverture); 3 1/2 oz sifted icing sugar; 3 tablespoons double cream; 2 separated eggs; 2 oz peeled grapes; 3 tablespoons cooking kirsch; 2 tablespoons water; 3 1/2 oz best unsalted butter; 3 1/2 oz crumbled petit beurre biscuits.

Method: Place biscuits in a small bowl, add kirsch and leave to infuse. Place water and chocolate in a small, thick pan and dissolve over a low heat. Stir well until quite smooth, then remove from heat. Cut the butter into small flakes and stir into the chocolate until completely dissolved.

Add egg yolks and beat until mixture is again smooth. Stir in the sugar, blend thoroughly, add stiffly whipped egg whites and beat them in until they vanish. Add the soaked biscuits and grapes. Finally add cream. Turn into a 5" diameter, oiled, sliding-based cake tin, being careful to line the base with a fitting circle of oiled greaseproof paper. Refrigerate until set, turn out, remove paper and garnish.

Roses en pate d'amandes (Almond Paste Roses)

Ingredients: 4 oz ground almonds; 8 oz sifted icing sugar; 1 small separated egg white; 1 teaspoon Noyau; 1 very small teaspoon of both orange flower water and rose water; pink, mauve, blue or red vegetable colouring; 1 saucer filled with cold water; 1 saucer filled level sifted flour.

Method: Mix sugar and ground almonds together in a roomy bowl. Make a well in the centre. Put in approximately half the egg white. Add Noyau and flower waters and then work around in centre, pulling in just enough dry mixture to enable you to judge whether you will need more egg white as final paste must be dry enough to knead without it sticking to hands. After adding requisite egg white, work up as explained and take about one-third for immediate use. Wrap the rest in waxed paper or in a polythene bag.

Work a few drops of chosen vegetable colouring into paste which will be streaky at first so fold and knead until colour is properly blended. Then roll into a ball. Take off a piece about the size of a very small apple. Press the base onto a clean table surface and about 1/2" from base pinch until you achieve a wasp waist. This forces a large blob to rise above it. Shape the tip of this blob into a point so that it becomes like a cone which diminishes sharply to the waist below.

Roll a piece of paste into a ball the size of a small cherry. Cover the palm of one hand liberally with flour, place the ball in hollow of palm, dip second finger of opposite hand into flour and start patting mixture out with regular re-dippings of finger into flour and until you have achieved a thin petal shape. Dip the base and sides of this lightly into the water. Curl round cone and press base and sides. Thus you achieve your first petal. Make another but this time place petal half over the attached one and half over the bare cone. With the tip of a finger push the upper parts of these petals over slightly to achieve the curled edge effect of a rose petal. Complete first covering of cone by affixing a third petal over the attached two; thus you have a rose bud, which can be cut off at base of waist and so used.

Then work another small lump of paste onto the base bit, re-shape your cone or template and repeat adding one, two or more petals to the basic three according to the size and spread of the flowers that pleases you.

Allow these roses to dry off propped up around the inner rim of a shallow tray. Store in an airtight tin lined with waxed paper and they will keep for months in a dry place.

Presentation and garnish

This pudding becomes most effective if turned onto a glass pedestal dish. Group a few of the almond paste roses at top centre in a tight cluster and fan out a few very small sprigs of dried maidenhair fern from the outer edge all round. Arrange a few roses around the base rim of the pudding and tuck another small maidenhair fern sprig under each.


This is one of the easiest and most popular chocolate puddings that we know, but we ask you please to follow the pattern set out for adding the various ingredients and not to change the order, as this would affect the result very considerably. With mild refrigeration storage, this pudding may be made up to one week in advance and it also freezes beautifully provided the container is covered tightly with kitchen foil. Just remember that it is wise to refrigerate after turning out as in a very warm atmosphere the delicate texture can become soggy after about an hour.


A rich chocolate pudding needs very careful partnering and a sweet wine is absolutely essential. It therefore becomes a matter of purse more than anything else because the great sweet wines are exceedingly costly. The greatest of all French sweet wines is ChSteau d'Yquem, the least expensive is either a Sauternes or Barsac with no further designation on the label! In between are the wines of these two districts carrying the specific names and vintages of various chateaux. Some of the greatest German sweet wines from the Rhine-land can cost as much as ten times the price of dry Rhine wines. They are, of course, superb, like Hungarian Tokays which are also in a very high price bracket. There are a number of Austrian sweet wines which are made on the German principle but which are not usually as costly and less expensive still are those from Yugoslavia.


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