What Woman Diseases Can Be Healed by Juices


Woman-Diseases_cToday, more than ever, women need to look after their health. As life has become steadily more pressurized, so the stresses and strains to which women are subjected have increased. A woman may be working full-time and holding together a family - cooking, cleaning, planning - being friend, mother and lover, all at once. As the emphasis of health care moves increasingly towards prevention rather than cure, women can use natural ways to alleviate some minor, yet irritating, conditions. They can also take control of their diet and make sure that they are providing their bodies with the best possible nutrition. Fresh juices, as well as other natural and unprocessed foods, have a role to play in achieving this.


Anaemia (not the pernicious variety) is a common problem among women who do not absorb enough iron and folic acid through their diet. A lack of these nutrients affects the production of red blood cells (haemoglobin). It can also occur among those who have very heavy periods, through which too many red blood cells are lost. Symptoms are pale skin, pale lining of the mouth, and sore tongue, often accompanied by fatigue and lack of energy. The following juices contain moderate levels of iron and folic acid, but if you are anaemic to some degree, it is wise to increase your intake of fish, red meat, liver and dried fruits too.


Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder usually caused by bacteria from the anus which finds its way into the urethra. It is a painful and uncomfortable condition, and seems to recur. Symptoms can include the urgent need to urinate while only a small amount of urine actually comes out; a painful, burning feeling when urinating; pain in the abdomen, buttocks and back; and urine streaked with blood, or pink in colour.

The best way to flush the infecting bacteria from the bladder is to drink plenty of water (adding a teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda can help). Diluted fruit and vegetable juices can also help to flush out bacteria and create a more alkaline environment within the digestive tract and bladder. Cranberry juice and most other berry juices are very effective as they prevent bacteria from adhering to the mucous membrane of the bladder, and garlic juice is a natural antiseptic that can help cleanse the area.

Premenstrual Syndrome

This syndrome recurs with each monthly cycle, and includes physical, mental and emotional symptoms. It is a common problem among women, between two and ten days before their periods. Typical PMS sufferers experience mood swings depression, fluid retention, food cravings, skin blemishes, and abdominal cramps. The probable cause of these symptoms is an imbalance of the female hormones progesterone and oestrogen. The B complex group of vitamins is thought to help, as are extra supplies of the minerals magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron and calcium.


Women going through the menopause experience physical change because they have come to an end of their child-bearing years. Levels of the hormones oestrogen and progesterone drop significantly, and menstruation gradually declines.

For many women, a knock-on result of this can be osteoporosis (reduced density of the bones). This is because the presence of oestrogen helps to keep bones dense, and once supplies dwindle they become less solid. Extra calcium and magnesium are necessary to supplement the gap left by lack of oestrogen. Fresh juices are a good source of these two minerals, as are food sources such as milk, cheese, fish, and nuts.

Water Retention

Water retention often occurs around period time, as a result of the changing hormone balance in a woman's body. There are several juices which act as diuretics (substances which help eliminate excess fluid through the flow of urine). The best of these are celery, cucumber, cranberry, strawberry and watermelon; all are moderately high in minerals, such as potassium and sodium.


It's a myth to say that pregnant women need to eat twice as much as usual, but they are wise to ensure that their diet is nutritionally rich and varied, for the health of their baby and themselves. As well as eating plenty of wholesome foods, expectant mothers can help top up supplies of essential vitamins and minerals by drinking a range of fresh juices. Pregnant women should dilute juices, so they are not too concentrated.

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