Fruit Juices Can Easily Make Our Eyes, Hair, Nails and Skin Look Beautiful


Drinking-Fruit-Juices_cFresh fruit and vegetable juices can help detoxify your body and stimulate the kidneys, and a whole range of juices can feed the skin with much-needed vitamins and minerals. So when we drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices permanently our body becomes more beautiful and healthy: our eyesight gets better, our hair looks more natural and shines, our nails become stronger and more nice-looking, and our skin looks fresh and just perfect.


Like every other pan of our body eyes should not be taken for granted. They work hard every day, and have to deal with pollution, bits of dust, even fragments of makeup falling into them. A plentiful supply of the 'eye' vitamins, B complex, C, E and beta-carotene, won't enable you to see in the dark, but they will help to keep eyes clear and well-functioning.

Healthy hair

Hair is our crowning glory - why not endeavour to make it look as good as possible? Hair that has been dyed or permed can look dull and lifeless, but so too can totally natural hair that is lacking vital nutrients. The external hair shaft is actually dead, but the root is alive and is fed essential minerals and vitamins through the bloodstream.

High Gloss

Vitamins from the B complex group, and the minerals iron, iodine, and sulphur, are essential for healthy hair and can be supplied by a range of fresh juices.


Dandruff can occur for two reasons: either the sebaceous glands in the scalp do not produce enough lubricating oil (sebum), or they produce too much. In the first case, skin flakes off, and hair goes dry and brittle; in the second the dandruff is yellow and the hair greasy. Juices rich in the B group of vitamins, vitamin E, and beta-carotene may help improve the condition of your scalp.


Like hair, nails are dead once they emerge from the cuticle, but as they grow beneath the skin of the finger, they can display visible signs that we may be short of certain nutrients, particularly minerals. White spots on the nails may represent a need for more zinc, and brittle nails often indicate lack of iron. The trace minerals, sulphur and iodine, and vitamin B2 (riboflavin) are also important for the growth of strong, healthy nails.


The skin is particularly affected by sluggish digestion and overworked kidneys. If your kidneys can't cope with the amount of waste being generated by your daily intake of food and drink, the toxins will come out via your skin instead, sometimes causing blemishes to appear.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices can help detoxify your body and stimulate the kidneys, and a whole range of juices can feed the skin with much-needed vitamins and minerals.

The onset of lines and wrinkles might be delayed a little with a regular intake of juices containing the antioxidant nutrients: vitamins A, C, E, beta-carotene and the mineral selenium. These have the ability to quench the unstable molecules called free radicals which play a role in the ageing process. Try the juice recipes below for a range of skin problems.

Super Skin

To keep skin looking clear of blemishes, well-toned and healthy, you need juices that are high in vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene, the minerals zinc and potassium, together with juices that stimulate the digestive system and kidneys to work efficiently, such as beetroot, parsley and spinach.


The existence of an elixir of eternal life and youth remains in the realms of myth, but scientists have recently discovered that everyday vitamins and minerals may combat premature ageing. The antioxidants beta-carotene, vitamins C, E, and the mineral selenium are thought to help delay the onset of lines and wrinkles. These nutrients also feed collagen, the vital substance that keeps skin elastic and flexible.


Whether acne strikes during teenage years, or continues into adult life, it is one of those conditions that is irritating and unsightly. Acne can be hereditary or caused by an imbalance of hormones. It causes the skin's sebum glands to produce too much grease, which then becomes infected by bacteria. The main sites are the back, shoulders, chest, neck and face. Juices rich in the nutrients beta-carotene and zinc can be of benefit to acne sufferers.

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