What Is Tofu and What Dishes to Cook with It


tofuTofu is made from soya beans and is very useful in the vegetarian diet as a source of protein and a basis for many dishes. Most tofu has a high calcium and magnesium content, although some varieties may have lower levels depending on the processing method. Tofu also provides some B vitamins and some iron and zinc. The fat content is fairly low in relation to the protein content.


Different varieties

Tofu is available in various forms. It can be soft and creamy or in varying degrees of firmness. Smoked and flavoured tofu is also available for people who find plain tofu bland.

In the East tofu is called bean curd.

Serving suggestion

You can cook different dishes with tofu: salads, soups and stews, burgers and sandwiches, fried tofu with vegetables,

Add tofu to vegetable soups or slice smoked tofu into a pasta sauce. It is also delicious served as a dip flavoured with garlic and lemon juice.

Dishes with tofu:

Apricot, papaya (pawpaw) and tofu

Tofu and vegetable burgers

Tofu Noodle Soup

Oyster Sauce Bean Curd

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