Why shouldn't Pregnant Women Eat Liver


liver_cLiver is highly nutritious and makes a very tasty meal either on its own or as part of a dish. When buying, choose liver that looks bright and glossy and smells fresh. Liver is a particularly good source of iron and protein. It is also fairly low in fat. Liver is a great product for kids and grown-ups, but pregnant women shouldn't eat it.

Nutritional content

Liver is fairly low in fat and is an excellent source of protein and iron. The vitamin A and D content is high and it is also a good source of B vitamins, particularly folate. The animal livers available are usually calf, lamb, pig or ox. Calf or lamb's liver is the most tender and delicately flavoured, while pig and ox liver are slightly firmer and stronger tasting. Chicken livers are much smaller, but equally nutritious.

Liver pate

Many kinds of liver are used to make this delicious pate, though it often has a very high fat content. For people who do not enjoy eating liver in its usual form, pate is a successful alternative. It is an excellent source of iron and other vitamins and minerals.

Health warning

Pregnant women are advised not to eat liver, because the very high vitamin A content may be harmful to the developing baby.


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