What Does a Microwave Do Best?


microwave-with-pizza_cWhat products are the best for cooking in microwave: fish, meat, vegetables, sauces, soups. How to defrost, heat meals, and cook for one or to with a microwave. Microwave techniques.

FISH: I think the microwave really excels at cooking fish; in a remarkably short time, the fish stays tender and moist and the flavour is enhanced. Take care not to overcook it.

MEAT: I have most success in cooking minced beef or lamb, chicken, ham and bacon joints. It is important to remember always to choose good-quality cuts of meat for microwave cooking, as the speed and method does not tenderise cook - on a medium setting - as in the conventional oven.

VEGETABLES: Most vegetables give excellent results. Cooked in this way, they retain their fresh flavour, bright colour and don't lose all their goodness in the cooking liquid, since only a small amount of water is needed. They cook mainly in their own juices and taste delicious.

SAUCES: This really has never been so easy! For most sauces, all the ingredients can be measured into a bowl, given a quick whisk, then cooked unattended and whisked again thoroughly before serving. There are no sticky pans to wash as sauces can also be made in the jug from which they are served.

SOUPS: The microwave is splendid for making or reheating small quantities of soup to serve as a first course, or for a light lunch.

DEFROSTING: Can be a real life-saver when you have forgotten to take a dish out of the freezer in the morning, ready for supper at night. The microwave will defrost foods quickly and safely.

REHEATING: This is definitely the most efficient and economical way of reheating foods. The dish tastes really freshly cooked, and there is no need to preheat a conventional oven for this.

COOKING FOR ONE OR TWO: The microwave excels at thawing, cooking or reheating small amounts quickly and well. With planning, for one person, this can all be done at the same time, arranged on the same plate for the main course, with just one extra dish for the pudding - less need for a conventional hob and oven (with the consequent fuel-saving) or sticky pans.

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