Rules for Making Salads food with cooked or pickled vegetables, fruit, nuts or grains


salad_cA salad may be made of almost any mixture of raw, cooked or pickled vegetables, fruit, nuts or grains. It may be served as a side salad to a main dish (e.g. green salad), but salads are often served as a main dish themselves. To make them more substantial, meats, fish or egg, cheese or pulses may be added.

Most salads are made from raw vegetables and therefore no nutrients are lost by cooking. Salads are a valuable source of a wide variety of nutrients and should be included regularly in the food selected by all members of the family.

Rules for Making Salads

1. Choose good quality vegetables -young, fresh and a good colour.

2. Choose a variety of colours and textures.

3. Wash, drain and shake off surplus water.

4. During preparation, cut vegetables as little as possible. Sharp knives destroy some cells and vitamins are lost.

5. Serve as soon as possible after preparation or store covered in a refrigerator for as short a time as possible.

6. Serve with a good dressing.

NB: French Dressing should be added at the table immediately before serving as it makes green vegetables go lirnp very quickly.

Here are some recipes of salads:

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