Gas or Electric Powered Cooker Hobs to Choose


Gas-Stove-CYou will spend plenty of time with the new hobs that you choose for your cooker, so take your time and shop around to find the cooker and the hobs that will best meet the needs of your family. By carefully selecting the best model for you, you can rest assured that your investment will pay you back with years of good use.

What's New in Cooker Hobs

If you are in the market for a new cooker, one of the variables is the types of hobs that it includes. The primary decision will be whether to choose gas or electric powered hobs. However, within those two categories, there are a number of variables and features that you can select from as well. Heating options and special features will be some of the factors that you will want to consider when selecting the best hobs for your family.

Weigh your Options

Of course, the first option in selecting the hobs will be to choose gas or electric. While gas hobs are the most efficient in many ways, a gas oven may not provide you with the even baking of an electric counterpart. By the same token, you can get even baking power from an electric oven, but electric hobs can take longer to heat up and don't give you as much flexibility in choosing cooking temperatures. Now you can have the best of both worlds by combining an electric oven with gas hobs on the range. While these models may be harder to come by, they can be the perfect choice for many cooks today.

One of the newest types of electric hobs to come on the market recently is the induction hob. Induction hobs do not heat up in the traditional sense; instead, they provide a magnetic field between the stovetop and the pan that is cooking on top. This field will heat the pot directly, without the burner itself becoming dangerously warm. The process is nearly instantaneous - both for heating up and cooling off afterward. To use induction hobs, you must have pots and pans made of a ferrous metal like steel or iron. Currently, manufacturers like AEG, Bosch, Siemens and Smeg are creating cookers that have these induction hobs.

Halogen hobs are another new type of hob that is able to heat up and cool off very quickly. These hobs contain halogen tubes below the surface that react as soon as they are turned on. Electric sealed hotplates are another option in hobs to consider, although they tend to work more slowly than other electric options. Radiant hobs offer a fast response underneath a smooth ceramic surface that makes for efficient cooking and super easy cleanup.

Consider your Features

Features that might be included with your gas hobs are coated pan supports that can be quickly removed and tossed into the dishwasher for easy cleanup. This is a huge improvement over gas hobs of old that required plenty of elbow grease to keep them shiny clean. An important feature for a ceramic cook top is a hob hot light that will turn off when the surface returns to a safe temperature. There are also child safety features available on hobs that will prevent young children from turning on the heat. This can be a primary consideration if you have kids in the house.


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