What should You Know about Microwaves


microwave_cFew homes today can live without the speed and efficiency of a microwave oven. If a new microwave is in your future, consider these guidelines before heading out for your shopping expedition. A little homework can go a long way when you end up with a microwave that you and your family can use for a long time to come. But there are lots of recipes for microwave cooking.

The New Wave of Microwaves

Microwave ovens have experienced quite an evolution since their birth in 1947 when Raytheon patented the first microwave. Today's microwave can perform nearly all of the same functions as a traditional oven, and in some cases even better. There is no doubt that a microwave oven is the speedier road to a meal, but taste needs to be a factor as well in the performance of these modern-day cookers. And with a variety of cooking options available, you can have yummy food and you can have it almost as fast as you can say, "time cook". But before you rush out to buy the latest and greatest microwave oven, you should collect the facts about these amazing kitchen appliances.

Is it Your Type?

There are lots of microwaves to choose from, and consideration should be taken as to where the microwave will go and what it needs to do. There are basically two models of microwaves; the free standing, which is usually placed on a countertop, and a built in, which is often placed above a cooker in place of the hood. There are even drawer models that can fit snugly underneath a counter. Size will be a factor in finding the best location for your microwave as well. A full-size microwave will measure around 1.5 - 2.2 cubic feet and smaller models measure in at .8 cubic feet.

Got Power?

Generally speaking, the higher the power, the faster your food will cook. Consumer research has suggested that once a microwave surpasses the 1000 watt range, there is basically no difference in cook time between models. At this point, you can consider the type of cooking ability that the oven has to determine whether a particular model is right for you. Some microwaves are convection ovens, which means that you can enjoy the speed of the microwave with the quality of cooking that a traditional oven offers. Inverter technology refers to the delivery of even amounts of continuous power that will allow for a more even cooking result.

What's Cooking?

Special features that you look for in a microwave will largely depend on what you will be cooking inside of it. If your primary purpose is to defrost and heat up, just about any make and model will work well for you. However, this will not allow you to get the most from microwave cooking. Today, you can find microwaves that grill and brown food as well. These microwaves come with accessories like special griddles, pans and a grill that will cook your favourite foods to perfection. A vegetable steamer will allow you to cook all of your favourite veggies without sacrificing nutrients in the process. Special features like these might cost a bit more, but they can be well worth the price if they bring convenience and speed to your cooking process.


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