Freeze Dried Food Reserves can Help You to Survive Depression


bulk_cFamily food reserves for disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, pandemics, and ice storms have recently been sought after as an investment against an economic depression. The threat of prolonged economic hardship is becoming more real each week. The fact that these troubles are being driven by a lack of stability in the financial system has created a great concern on how we should invest our resources for a more and more likely 'rainy day'.

Freeze dried food reserves are getting a lot of attention as an attractive investment for economic depression survival for some important reasons:

* You do not need to change your cooking and eating habits. You keep the food reserve that stores for up to 25 years in reserve. You do not need to eat from the reserve until you need it.

* You draw from your reserve as you need it. If there is no food shortage or budget crisis, you do not draw from your food reserve. You only need to stock up one time with a 3 month or a one year food reserve and then you use that reserve only when it is needed.

* Meals versus raw ingredients. Freeze dried food in Mountain House #10 cans consists of cooked entrees and side dishes that you only need to add water (hot or cold) to eat. In tough times you want to conserve as much of your time and energy as possible to support your family.

* No Waste. People who try buying bulk food often are not prepared to adjust to the new cooking style and do not store the food properly. The end result is what appeared to cost you less ends up costing you a lot more when you throw a lot of the bulk food away.

* Freeze dried food costs about the same in a reserve as most people spend normally on groceries for the same number of meals. The upfront cost of buying a 3 month or one year food reserve is money well spent when you realize that you will have the flexibility to use your investment when you need it. The fact that freeze dried food has a long storage life and is very easy to consume means little waste.

Freeze dried food reserve sales have skyrocketed in the last 4 months as the economic crisis has evolved and it's impact is becoming clearer. Many see the benefits of freeze dried food and understand the value.

Freeze dried food reserves represent a long term 'bank' of food that actually increases the food supply for all. Buying tons of bulk food and then throwing a lot of spoiled food away can be considered a wasteful hoarding of food on the other hand.

While we can all hope and work hard for things to get better, it is best to be prepared for the worst.

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