How to Choose Baking Sheet for Home Cooking


baking-sheets cA baking sheet is a "must have" for every kitchen. It is one of the most useful cooking equipment. With a baking sheet you can cook either hot sandwiches, or cookies, or cakes and pies, or lasagna etc. In general baking sheet is a flat, rectangular metal pan for oven. This kitchen equipment is used not only in home cooking, but also in bakers, restaurants and cafés and so on.

How many and what kind of baking sheets to have

Choosing a good baking sheet can be a really hard work. Nowadays there are dozens of different options. In stores there are aluminum and stainless steel sheets of all sizes and shapes, with or without edges, easy and cheap or expensive non-stick ones. If you don't know which one to choose, we'll give you such advice: have at home several different baking sheets. For example, you should buy 1 small, at least 1 medium and 1 large sheet. If to talk about the material, take 1 non-stick baking sheet of medium size – universal one. It is also good to have at least 1 sheet made of stainless steel – they are not very expansive, but solid and good for baking any food. Try to avoid aluminum baking sheets without nonstick finishes (scratch-resistant or whatever).

Baking sheets with or without finishes

Usually baking sheets have different finishes – nonstick, scratch-resistant or just easier ones. If you always use parchment paper, you don't have to buy expansive sheets with nonstick finishes. You can choose one of cheap ones. Also many people think that baking sheets with nonstick finishes are very easy to clean, but I can't agree with that. You shouldn't scratch such sheets with kitchen sponge wires, so it is sometimes rather hard to remove leftovers, even if you soak sheet in water for hours.

Baking sheets with or without edges

There are sheets that have 4 edges, just one edge or neither. All of them are convenient, but for different kinds of food: flat sheets are used to bake layered cakes, they're also good to serve cakes; sheets with 1 edge are made for baking cookies; sheets with four edges are convenient for baking pies, making stuffed vegetables, lasagna, pizza and so on. Baking sheets with 4 edges are the most multipurpose.

Also there are some special sheets for baking muffins, cupcakes and different shaped cookies. They look like a flat sheet with several holes.

Baking sheets with or without handles

Nowadays there are some sheets that have special handles. Such baking equipment is easier to remove from hot oven. But if you got used to usual sheets, without handles, just buy two long oven gloves.

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