Top-10 Best Soup Recipes


soups cSoups are rather healthy and delicious food. There are clear soups (like bouillons) and thick soups (like purees or cream soups). You can make a vegetarian soup or use some meat stock. The usual soup ingredients are: potatoes, carrots, vegetable or meat stock, onions, pasta, cereals, herbs and spices. But you can also use any other ingredients – eggs, butter, grains, fruit, nuts, seafood etc.

Pay much attention to the stock – it is the most important part of soup. Usually it is made of poultry, meat or vegetables. And don't forget about spices, they create the piquant flavour of soup.

Different types of soup:

  • traditional regional soup (e.g. French onion soup, Philadelphia pepper pot soup, Scotch broth);
  • Asian soup (e.g. Chinese chicken noodle soup);
  • dessert soup (e.g. Ginataan, Sawine);
  • fruit soup (e.g. Cherry soup, Lentil & Orange Soup);
  • cold soup (e.g. Gazpacho).

In US you can buy canned soups in a store or choose one of many dried soups. But homemade soup is the best – it has a lot of nutrients, it is very delicious and fresh, and, of course, you take only good, ripe vegetables and fresh meat.

Children should eat soup every day or at least 4-5 times a week, because it is great food for digestive system. It is good for adults too. Actually, fat-free soup is really good food for diet. That's why soup helps people to be in a good shape.

Top-10 Best Soup Recipes

  1. Minestrone Soup
  2. Coriander & Sweetcorn Soup
  3. Mushroom & wild rice soup
  4. Mushroom & hazelnut soup
  5. Mexican Soup
  6. White onion soup
  7. Chicken noodle soup
  8. Cold cucumber soup
  9. Erwtensoep-Pea soup
  10. Bacon and Spinach Soup

Top-10 Best Veggie Soup Recipes

  1. Cauliflower & Horseradish Soup
  2. Light vegetable soup
  3. Vegetable Soup
  4. Simple Tomato Soup
  5. Bruinebonensoep Bean soup
  6. Cauliflower soup with cheese puffs
  7. Leek & potato soup
  8. Chunky Winter Vegetable Stew
  9. Easy Vegetable Soup
  10. Tomato sauce with hidden vegetables

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