Top-10 Spring Recipes. What to Cook with Spring Greens


spring-greens cIt is almost spring now, and there are more and more new spring greens at the markets and groceries. We missed these products so much. That's why many housewives buy greens and cook dishes with them. There are lots of recipes that use fresh sprouts and spring vegetables.

Green plants are very healthy, they are rich in vitamin C, B, A, folic acid, dietary fiber and so on. Also they are powerful antioxidants.

What greens to eat? Add to your ration/diet such spring greens as:

You can eat greens raw or cook them in many ways – steam, stir-fry, boil, sauté. Also juices made of leaf vegetables with other fruit and vegetables are very good.

Top-10 Spring Recipes

Here is our rating of spring dishes. We hope it will help you to cook and eat more healthy meals.

  1. Green Pasta Salad - easy pasta recipe with a lot of spring greens;
  2. Brussels sprouts in rosemary marinade - great recipe for those who like brussels sprouts;
  3. Spinach Salad with Strawberries - very interesting and piquant salad;
  4. Artichokes with peppered butter sauce - easy microwave spring recipe;
  5. Asparagus with orange - flavoured hollandaise sauce - extraordinary sauce makes asparagus delicious;
  6. Creamed greens - very easy but rather delicious microwave recipe;
  7. Chinese leaf salad and French dressing - salad made of raw Chinese leaves, keeps in fridge for long;
  8. Baked spinach with tomato and minced veal - great recipe for romantic dinner or party;
  9. Baked Green Vegetables - oven baked dish made of several spring greens;
  10. Leeks Provencal - extraordinary recipe for leek-lovers.

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