Cooking Fish. Methods and recipes


fish2 cMany people like fish. And experts say that we should eat seafood at least 2 times a week. The best fish is the one with omega3 – like mackerel, herring or sardines. Also salmon and trout are rather good for health and delicious. But different kinds of fish need different cooking techniques. Chose method of cooking according to the fish and your taste. The most healthy food is steamed, boiled and baked fish.

Before cooking fish you are, of course, to buy it. But buying fish is a science. Main things that you should remember are: nice, not strong smell and good look (bright eyes, firm flesh, no discoloration). What fish to buy? Some fish has a lot of bones, others – like salmon, trout – have only double rib cage, so you can easily remove that. These kinds of fish are more expensive, but easier to cook and eat.

If you're not going to cook fish immediately after coming home freeze it to keep fresh.

There are many different methods of cooking fish:

  • boiling (just put pieces of fish to the boiling water and cook for several minutes. Be careful not to overcook fish);
  • frying (heat the frying pan with oil, cook for about 4-5 minutes per each side, turning carefully);
  • sauteing (you need oil and preheated pan. Don't turn the fish too often if you want a crust. Start sauteing on medium heat and then reduce it);
  • microwaving (follow the rules for microwave cooking specific kind of fish. Don't forget to turn pieces halfway through the cooking time);
  • steaming (you need a steamer with water or stock. But don't let the water boil, because fish will cook too quickly);
  • grilling/barbecuing (some kinds of fish are very good for grilling. Use special devices to grill it);
  • baking (use oven and an oiled baking sheet. Also you could bake fish wrapped in foil);
  • and so on.

But whichever method you choose, remember that the flesh of fish is extremely delicate. That's why it needs very little cooking time. Overcooked fish is not very delicious: too dry if fried or grilled, and too tenderized if boiled or steamed.

Before cooking you can marinate fish or make it natural. Marinating adds flavor and moisture to the flesh, but any marinating should be very brief – about 30 minutes – 1 hour.

Cooking fish. Recipes

Baked fish

Trout dressed with caviar sauce

Baked cod italienne

Smoked fish lasagne

Spicy Cod Steaks in Foil

My favourite fish pie

Fillet of fish with herb butter

Spiced fish parcels

Salmon plait

Herrings with mustard sauce

Fish Glazed with Brown Sugar


Fried fish

Smoked haddock with a creamy sauce

Lemon fried fish with mushrooms & mangetout

Fish and chips in a comic

Salmon teriyaki with noodles

Fried fish in mushroom sauce

Easy salmon rissoles

Fried fish with whole garlic

Quick pan-fried five-spice fish


Grilled fish

Seared oriental salmon

Sardines in Vine Leaves

Tuna Steaks with Mustard

Red Trout with Fennel Mayonnaise

Barbecued Trout with Garlic and Rosemary

Grilled Sea Bass with Parsley, Lemon and Dill

Barbecued Red Bream

Grilled Bream with Pesto and Tomato Sauce

Marinated Baby Soles

Peppered Monkfish Kebabs

Salmon with Dill

Spiced Barbecued Sardines

Red Snapper with Almond Paste

Red Mullet with Olives, Capers and Oregano

Plaice and Anchovy Roll-ups

Simple Fish Kebabs

Microwaved fish

Smoked Haddock with Ribbon Noodles

Fish fingers, baked beans and mashed potato

Smoked Haddock Mousse

Trout with Almonds

Sole Bonne Femme

Plaice Florentine

Salmon Mousses

Spiced fish parcels

Halibut with prawn sauce

Turbot au champagne

Sole with whisky sauce


Steamed fish

Steamed salmon with black bean sauce

Steamed Fish

Steamed sea bass with tamarind sauce

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