Juice Diet. The One Week Vitality Plan



Juice-Diet_cThe One Week Vitality Plan combines the potency of fresh fruit and vegetable juices with plain and simple foods. This double-edged approach rests and tonifies the digestive system, while providing nourishment and strength. Regular meals are part of the plan, but the choice of food is restricted, so that maximum benefit is obtained from the cleansing programs. Throughout the week, you can enjoy some of the Extra Ways to Pamper yourself such as saunas, Turkish baths, massage and aromatherapy facials.

Unlike the One Day Juice Plan, this program includes vegetable juices too, so that you gain maximum nutritional benefit from their wide range of nutrients. Below are a range of seven different juice cocktails, which are combinations of complementary juices, one variety for every day. Drink no more than one 8fl oz/230ml serving of the day's juice (diluted if you prefer), half an hour before breakfast, lunch and supper.

Refer to the shopping list below for advice on quantities of fruit and vegetables needed for juicing. If you cannot obtain one of the fruits listed in a cocktail, simply replace that cocktail with the Apple and Carrot Bomber. If pears are out of season use apples, grapes or pineapple instead. Make sure that you drink two to three pints of other liquids each day.

Shopping list for a week's juices

Apples 3 lb/1.4kg

Beetroot 1 1/2 lb/675g Carrots 4 lb/1.8 kg

Celery 1 head (bunch)

Grapes 1lb/450g

Grapefruit 3 large

Mangoes 2 large

Oranges 1lb/450g

Pineapples 2 large

Spinach 1lb/450g

Juices for the week

Day 1

Apple and Carrot Bomber

4fl oz/115ml apple juice 4fl oz/115ml carrot juice

Day 2

Grapefruit Guzzle

5fl oz/145ml grapefruit juice 3fl oz/80ml orange juice

Day 3

Big on Beetroot

2fl oz/50 ml beetroot juice 6fl oz/170ml apple juice


Tropical Twist

5fl oz/l45ml pineapple juice 3fl oz/80ml mango juice

Day 5

Super Spinach

4floz/115ml carrot juice 2fl oz/50ml spinach juice 2fl oz/50ml celery juice

Day 6

Big Apple

5floz/145ml apple juice 3fl oz/80ml grape juice

Day 7

Blushing Beetroot

6fl oz/170ml carrot juice 2fl oz/50ml beetroot juice

Foods during the week

The choice of foods in the One Week Vitality Plan is deliberately limited, although nutritious and filling so you won't go hungry. The restrictions increase the cleansing power of the diet, and give your overworked digestive system a much-needed rest. Key elernents are wholegrains such as brown rice, barley and millet, which can be steamed or gently boiled and then seasoned with fresh herbs, soy sauce and lemon juice; and fresh fruit and vegetables that can be steamed, stir-fried or eaten raw.

Basic Breakfast Foods

Fresh whole fruits or fruit salad

Porridge (made with jumbo oats, water and a handful of raisins or a chopped banana for sweetness)

Basic Lunch Foods

Mixed salad: select from lettuce, white cabbage, red cabbage, tomato, beansprouts, alfalfa, chickpeas, watercress, grated carrot, fennel, radish, celery, green and red (bell) peppers

Steamed or stir-fried vegetables Fresh fruit

Cooked brown rice, millet or barley, seasoned if preferred

Basic Supper Foods

Steamed, raw or stir-fried vegetables

Mixed salad (selection as above)

fresh fruits

Cooked brown rice, millet or barley, seasoned if preferred

Anytime Snack Foods

Sea vegetables (kombu, wakame, and dulse seaweeds are very nutritious) Rice cakes Oat cakes Hummus Tahini spread Raisins

Pumpkin seeds Sunflower seeds Crudites (carrot, cucumber, red [bell] pepper, cauliflower)

Alternative Drinks

Herb teas

Still water

Water with a squeeze of lime added

The plan

Wake Up!

Open those bleary eyes and drink down a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon.

Optional extras

Body brushing and a hot, then cold shower.


Drink one 8fl oz/230ml serving of juice (diluted if preferred) half an hour before you eat. Then tuck into breakfast.

Optional extras



Drink one 8fl oz/230ml serving of juice (diluted if preferred), half an hour before you eat. Then eat lunch.

Optional extras

Gentle exercise, eg a walk, swim or yoga.


Drink your final 8fl oz/230ml serving of the juice cocktail of the day, half an hour before food. Then eat supper.

Last Thing at Night

Drink a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon juice to cleanse the digestive tract.

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