The Elastic Chicken. How to Joint the Bird


chicken_cThree dishes for four people from one standard 3 1/2 lb (1.6kg) chicken! If that seems to be stretching it a little, it's the reason for the name 'elastic chicken'. First learn how to cut up or 'joint' the bird. In fact, this technique produces nine portions as well as the giblets and carcass. It's from this that the multiple meals come.

Before beginning the step-by-step cutting (illustrated overleaf), do make sure your chopping-board or work surface is large enough to give you plenty of room, and do use a really sharp knife. It should be between 5-8 inches (12.5-20.5 cm) long and have a good handle to give a safe grip. If you know how to sharpen it on a steel, do so, before you begin.

  • Cut all the trussing string off. Move the legs and wings to loosen them and remove giblets from inside the bird.
  • Pull the legs away from the sides and, cutting from the neck end as close to the body as possible, sever the skin between body and leg. Then separate the joint with the knife and the leg will come away from the body. Repeat on the other side.
  • Put legs skin side down and separate drumstick and thigh by cutting firmly down the line of fat over the joint. If you follow the line carefully, you'll be amazed at how easy this is.
  • Draw around the base of each wing with the knife, cutting to the bone. Twist the wing and separate the joint with the knife.
  • Cut down the fat line on the sides of the chicken breast starting at the tail end, separating the breast from the back.
  • Lay the breast flat and cut off a third at the pointed end.
  • Turn the breast over, split lengthways and you're ready!

Practice helps. After two or three goes, you'll find it easy to cut along the fat lines and you'll be able to separate the joints with little effort.



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