What Type of Yogurt Is The Best for You


yogurtYogurt is made by fermenting warmed milk with bacteria. The nutritional content depends on the type of milk used and the fat content of the milk. All yogurt contains protein, calcium and some B vitamins. It has no fibre content unless fruit, nuts or cereal fibre is added.


Live yogurt

'Live' yogurt contains the active bacteria and may have a role in helping to replace or maintain the natural bacterial flora of the gut. This can be valuable following a stomach upset, for example.

Flavoured yogurts

Flavoured yogurts made from cow's milk may be made from full-fat or skimmed milk with fruit, honey or other flavourings. Sugar or a non-calorific sweetener is usually also added. Check the label before buying.

Other yogurts

Greek-style yogurt is thicker and the fat content may be higher. Yogurts made from sheep, goat or soya milk have a slightly different protein and fat content.

Dishes with yogurt:

Black Forest Shake

Blackberry and Apple Smoothie

Grenadine Smoothie

Hangop: Curd with prunes

Minted Lassi Cooler

Nutty Banana Boost

Peaches and Ice Cream Bombe

Purple Cream

Raspberry and Pear Swirl

Ruby Grapefruit Oatie

Strawberry and Orange Blush

Tropical Vodka Smoothie

Turkey in spicy yogurt

Vanilla and Maple Smoothie

Yogurt and Spice Marinated Chicken with Grapefruit Relish

Yogurt Ice Smoothie

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