How to Prepare Low-fat Desserts (+ video)


low-fat-dessert_cIf you enjoy eating sweet foods you may find it hard to resist the tempting array of desserts that are now available, either on the dessert trolley or on the supermarket shelves. Be aware that some desserts are not only high in sugar, but also in fat-pastries with cream, chocolate puddings, etc. Any of these desserts are fine for an occasional treat, but not every day.

Low-fat desserts

Check labels when shopping and choose low-fat desserts whenever possible. Fruit is always a good choice - try a tropical salad, or baked apples stuffed with dried fruit, or pears baked in red wine.

Instead of an elaborate ice cream, have a sorbet - high in sugar but fat-free. A meringue shell (without cream) contains sugar but no fat.

Serve desserts with low-fat fromage frais or yogurt.



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