Guide to Cooking Frozen Vegetables in Microwave


Cooking-Frozen-Vegetables-in-Microwave2_cFrozen vegetables are very successfully defrosted or reheated in the microwave. On the whole, it is not necessary to add any extra water for cooking. Small bags of vegetables can be reheated in the bags in which they were bought or frozen. Just place them on a plate for support and remove any ties. Bought bags of frozen vegetables just need the corner of the bag snip-ping with scissors before cooking.

'Loose' vegetables

Otherwise, put the vegetable into a dish and cover before cooking. The cooking times above are average, so your own personal preference must be taken into account and the cooking time calculated accordingly. Add a few more minutes if you prefer the vegetables more tender, but do remember also to allow for them to finish cooking during standing time. For crisper vegetables, reduce the cooking time slightly.

Blanching vegetables for the freezer

Blanching vegetables in the microwave could not be simpler: no need for pans of boiling water and hot, steamy kitchens. It is perfect for home-grown produce since the vegetables can be picked and ready to freeze in a matter of minutes, ensuring that none of the freshness is lost.

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The vegetables can be blanched in boil-in or freezer bags. Prepare the vegetables as you would do normally, place in the bag with 3-6 tablespoons of water, blanch, and whilst still in the bag, plunge straight into icy water. This chills the vegetables quickly and expels air from the bag, giving a 'vacuum pack' which is ready for freezing. Seal and label as usual and freeze.

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