What Parts of Chicken Are Low-Fat


chickenThis inexpensive meat is easily available: fresh, frozen or chilled, in portions or whole. Choose from standard chickens to corn-fed, free-range and organic. An excellent source of low-fat protein, chicken can be prepared and cooked in a multitude of ways. Most of the fat in chicken is contained in the skin.




Most of the fat in chicken is contained in the skin. Without skin, the chicken flesh is very low in fat, delicate in flavour and adapts to many different recipes. Light (breast) meat is lower in fat than dark (leg and thigh) meat. Some of the fat in the chicken skin is lost during cooking - pour the fat off roast chicken, grill portions on a rack so that the fat drains away.


To grill skinless chicken, try lining the grill with non-stick kitchen foil and baste the meat with lemon juice instead of oil.

Takeaway chicken

Breaded and deep-fried or spit-roasted and basted with lots of oil, either way these should be an occasional treat as they are high in fat.

Health warning

Chicken can carry the salmonella bacteria, so must be stored and cooked properly. Frozen chicken should be completely thawed before cooking and all chicken should be cooked thoroughly before serving.

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