Which Foods to Choose for Your Baby


baby-food_cWith the exception of raw or lightly cooked eggs, peanuts, whole nuts, shellfish and soft cheeses, your baby should now be able to eat most foods. At this age, your baby should be eating three to four servings of starchy food, three to four servings of fruit and vegetables, at least one serving of meat, chicken or fish, or two servings of a vegetable protein (soya, peas, beans, lentils and smoth nut butters) per day.

You can also now give wholegrain low-sugar adult breakfast cereals like Weetabix or Ready Brek and maybe add chopped fresh or dried fruits and some toasted wheatgerm for a nutritious breakfast. Eggs are also a good food for breakfast but you must make sure that the yolk and white are cooked until solid.


Your baby will probably also be following a more predictable sleeping pattern, which should help to make mealtimes more regular. Whenever possible let your baby sit in his high chair close to the table and enjoy eating with the rest of the family.


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