All about Making Smoothies


smoothiesSmoothies are possibly the ultimate drink for an immediate energy boost. They are easy to make and can transform fresh fruit and vegetables into healthy drinks packed full of goodness. In their simplest form they are cool fresh fruit purees or you can add yogurt as a healthy thickener or even ice cream or alcohol for superb tasting treats. The choice is yours.

Smoothie Maker is all you need to whizz up a tasty smoothie, which can be dispensed directly into your glass. There are recipes from healthy fruit smoothies and vegetable smoothies, yogurt and milk smoothies to adult only smoothies.

You may also wish to experiment and make your own varieties.

Smoothie hints and tips

Follow the instructions supplied with your Smoothie Maker to assemble it and clean it after use.

  • Always make sure the goblet tap is closed before adding ingredients and the lid is secured in place before switching on to blend the ingredients.
  • Add liquids such as fruit juices, milk, yogurt and mineral water to the goblet first, then add fruits or vegetables and finally ice or frozen ingredients.
  • Smoothies taste best served well chilled. To achieve the optimum result make sure fruits, vegetables, juices and dairy products are well chilled before adding. If not, serve the finished smoothie over ice cubes.
  • The desired thickness for a smoothie is very much a personal choice. Add a little chilled mineral water or milk if the smoothie is a little too thick for your taste.
  • If the fruit is sweet and ripe you should not need any extra sweetness, but you can always add a spoonful of honey or a dash of sugar to sweeten if necessary.
  • Dispense drinks by pressing the MIX button and pressing down on the dispensing tap lever, making sure your glass is under the tap. Switch off and release the tap when the glass is full.
  • If you leave smoothies to stand the ingredients may separate into layers, this however does not affect the flavour, they will still taste delicious, just stir before drinking. To get the most benefit from the nutrients present in the fresh fruits and vegetables, drink them as soon as possible after preparing.

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