Chinese Cuisine. Cooking Poultry


poultry_cChicken, duck, pigeon, pheasant and quail: poultry in its many forms has been central to the Chinese cuisine for millennia. And the Chinese, in my opinion, are the world's experts in cooking poultry. All parts of each bird are used and, after cooking has transformed them, prized: the wings, the entrails, even the feet!

In the West we do not have such a wide variety of poultry so easily available and many of the game birds require extensive preparation not appropriate to the 'quick and easy' approach. Thus here I stay with what I have elsewhere called 'the sweet bird of our youth' - chicken. Of all poultry it is the most accessible and adaptable. It is relatively inexpensive, easy to cook and goes well with almost every other food. With its own delicate taste and great receptivity to other flavours, it lends itself to many recipes.

Here I use parts of chicken that are easy to cook, such as breasts and wings. Where longer cooking is required or expedient, I use chicken thighs. I have also included a few turkey recipes here - turkey is another nutritious and versatile food and deserves a bigger place in our diet.

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