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Store-Everyday-Cooking_cA number of items can usefully be stored in the freezer to speed up the preparation of meals. Other useful additions to main meals will be found in Leftovers. Learn to store: butter balls, flavoured butters, sandwiches, pasta and rice, pasta dishes, garnishes, soup garnishes, ice cubes, icing, glace fruit and candied peel, nuts, roux.


Butter balls

Preparation and packing Make butter balls, curls or shapes and place on baking sheet. Freeze, then pack in polythene bag for storage.

Thawing and serving Put on serving dishes and leave at room temperature for 1 hour.

Storage time 6 months unsalted butter; 3 months salted butter.

Flavoured butters

Preparation and packing Cream butter and flavour with herbs, essences and seasoning, according to end use. Pack in small containers or in ice-cube trays, wrapping each cube in foil after freezing for easy storage. Butter may also be formed into a cylinder and wrapped in greaseproof paper, then in polythene.

Thawing and serving Thaw at room temperature for 2 hours before using for spreading. Cut slices from cylinders of flavoured butter to put on hot meat or fish.

Storage time 6 months unsalted butter; 4 months salted butter.

Special notes Parsley, garlic or shrimp are useful flavourings.


Preparation and packing Prepare sandwiches from any type of bread, well spread with butter. Omit cooked egg whites, raw vegetables, salad cream or mayonnaise, and jam from fillings. Pack in groups of six or eight, with an extra slice or crust of bread at each end to prevent drying out. Keep sandwiches large and with crusts on. Wrap in foil or polythene and freeze a few inches from freezer wall.

Thawing and serving Thaw in wrappings in refrigerator for 12 hours, or at room temperature for 4 hours. Trim crusts and cut in smaller pieces.

Storage time 1 month.

Special notes Rolled, pinwheel and ribbon sandwiches all freeze well. Use brown bread for fish fillings and fruit bread for cheese or sweet fillings if liked. The same directions apply to filled rolls or baps.

Pasta and rice

Preparation and packing Spaghetti, macaroni and rice should be slightly undercooked, thoroughly drained, and packed into polythene bags for storage.

Thawing and serving Put into a pan of boiling water and bring the water back to the boil, then reduce heat until pasta or rice is just tender, the time depending on the state in which it was frozen. Rice may be reheated with a little melted butter in a thick pan.

Storage time 1 month.

Pasta dishes

Preparation and packing Combination dishes of pasta and sauce may be packed into foil containers before the final baking, e.g. Macaroni Cheese. Cover container with foil for freezing.

Thawing and serving Heat at 400°F (Gas Mark 6) while still frozen, for 40 minutes until brown and bubbling.

Storage time 1 month.

Special notes Such dishes may be freshly cooked, or may be a combination of leftovers. Sauces should not be thickened with flour, but with cornflour or tomato puree.


Preparation and packing Sprigs of herbs such as parsley and mint may be frozen in small foil packages or polythene bags. Strawberries with hulls and cherries on stalks can be fast frozen on trays, then packed in polythene bags.

Thawing and serving Put herbs on serving dishes and serve at once as they become limp on thawing. Put strawberries or cherries straight on to puddings or into drinks.

Storage time 12 months.

Soup garnishes

Preparation and packing Use herbs and flavoured butters. Also lightly toast cubes of bread and pack in polythene bags to serve as croutons. Make croutons about 1/2 inch thick.

Thawing and serving Put cubes of herbs or flavoured butters into hot soup just before serving. Thaw croutons in wrappings at room temperature, or put directly into hot soup.

Storage time 1 month for croutons.

Ice cubes

Preparation and packing Freeze extra quantities of ice cubes and pack in polythene bags for storage. Freeze large blocks of ice and wrap in foil. Use fruit squash or syrup for ice cubes, or add sprigs of mint, orange or lemon peel, or cocktail cherries to ordinary cubes.

Thawing and serving Put individual cubes into drinks; large blocks of ice do not dilute punches and cups so quickly.

Storage time 12 months.


Preparation and packing Prepare flavoured icings with butter and icing sugar and pack in waxed or rigid plastic containers.

Thawing and serving Thaw in container at room temperature for 2 hours, then use for filling and topping cakes.

Storage time 4 months.

Glace fruit and candied peel

Preparation and packing Pack tightly in foil or polythene bag.

Thawing and serving Thaw in wrapping at room temperature for 3 hours before using.

Storage time 1 year.

Special notes These fruits keep very moist and fresh in the freezer.


Preparation and packing Nuts may be frozen whole, chopped, slivered, or buttered and toasted, in small containers or foil or polythene bags.

Thawing and serving Thaw in wrapping at room temperature for 3 hours.

Storage time 1 year; 4 months only, if buttered and toasted.

Special notes Nuts keep moist and fresh in the freezer. Do not freeze salted nuts.


Preparation and packing Make a quantity of roux allowing 1 lb butter to 8 oz plain flour. Freeze tablespoons on baking sheets and pack in waxed or rigid plastic container for storage.

Thawing and serving Add frozen spoons of roux to hot liquid, stirring well and cooking gently to the required thickness.

Storage time 4 months.

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