What and How to Cook to Prevent Cancer


prevent-cancer_cWe encourage you to buy fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits from local farmer's markets, and whenever possible, buy organic and/or biodynamic. Locally grown fresh produce smell especially fragrant and taste fresh, much more so than what is found in conventional supermarket refrigerator isles. Below you will find tips from nutritions consultant, Teri N-Gwarek, on how to maintain good health, long life, and in particular, avoid cancer.

By Teri N-Gwarek


1. Eat natural whole foods in their original state whenever possible.

2. Eat only the freshest, non-irradiated foods and eat them before they spoil. Rancidity is not always detectable by odor.

3. Include plenty of high quality SATURATED fats (coconut, palm oil, or if not vegan: egg yolks, raw dairy, butter, etc...) and high quality, complete protein in every meal.

4. Use organically grown foods whenever possible. Preferably, grow your own.

5. Obtain fresh, organic produce in season and eat the entire fruit, including skin & seeds/kernels.

6. If you MUST eat grains (not recommended), eat only gluten-free whole grains such as spelt, quinoa, etc...

7. Use only coconut, palm oil and butter for cooking and cold-pressed extra virgin olive or flax oil for salads. Never cook with flax.

8. If you consume dairy, best is organic, raw, with full fat, from healthy animals that are free-range and grass-fed. Goat milk is closer to human milk that cow's milk.

9. Drink only pure spring water and freshly pressed vegetable juices.

10. Use only high quality sea salt, containing a natural balance of trace minerals.

11. Shop in a Health Food Store and learn how to read labels. Demand fresh, organic, free range foods.

12. Use high quality supplementation daily. Read labels carefully.



1. Eliminate all processed foods (anything in a package, box, bag, bottle, can, etc...).

2. Avoid all junk food, even from a health food store. Don't eat foods containing chemical preservatives, dyes, artificial colors & flavors, etc.

3. Don't eat sprayed, fumigated, injected, dyed, waxed or irradiated anything. They do not support health.

4. Don't eat eggs or any animal products that have been inhumanely raised in small cages, force fattened and treated with chemicals and antibiotics.

5. Eliminate grains and all sugar products. Use caution with fruit as they are hybridized for high sugar content. Sugar in any and all form feeds cancer and contribute to many other diseases.

6. Eliminate all commercial polyunsaturated (vegetable) oils with the exception of coconut, palm and olive oil.

7. Avoid all fried foods.

8. Avoid over cooking foods with high heat, particularly proteins.

9. Avoid un-refrigerated, shelled seeds & nuts as they are most likely rancid.

10. Avoid pasteurized, homogenized, dried dairy. Homogenization is particularly damaging.

11. Avoid soft drinks and all sweet, sugary beverages (even fruit juices) like the plague.

12. Avoid commercial, poor quality supplements. Read labels.

13. Avoid soy products. They depress thyroid function and are very difficult to digest.


Other basic instructions:

1. Cook only in glass, stainless steel, corning or enamel-ware. Never use aluminum (including foil).

2. Remember to stay well hydrated.

3. Vitamin D (natural sunshine) is critical in the prevention of disease, particularly cancer. Get at least 1 hour of direct sunshine in the early morning for late afternoons when the rays are not as intense (cover up between about 11am and 2-3pm). Do not use sunscreen (full of dangerous chemicals and prevents the absorption of beneficial full spectrum rays.

4. The human body is designed to move. Get some exercise in the fresh air daily but do not over train.

5. Restful sleep between 10pm and 6-7am is necessary for cell repair and regeneration.

6. Unnecessary stress is one of the most dangerous destroyers of health. Eliminate it from your life and focus on creating peace, health, happiness and being of service to others.



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