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Freezer_cA refrigerator/freezer is a modern-day appliance that modern-day folks simply cannot live without. A refrigerator/freezer is a major household purchase, and time should be taken to find the best model for your family. Once you have found the best choice for you, you can rest assured that your family will get plenty of use out of this appliance for many years to come.


Keeping Cool with the Newest Refrigerator/Freezers

A refrigerator/freezer is a modern-day appliance that modern-day folks simply cannot live without. A fridge is large, uses plenty of energy and stores a good percentage of the family's daily rations. For these reasons, it is important to shop around for a refrigerator/freezer that will serve your family the best and will be able to do so for many years. Size is an important consideration if finding the most functional fridge for you, as is the configuration of the unit and the special features that it includes. Read on for tips in shopping for the best refrigerator/freezer unit for you.

Big is Beautiful

Sure, we all want the biggest refrigerator possible, right? Actually, purchasing a fridge that is too large for your needs will simply waste space in your kitchen and energy to run. There is also the issue of physical space available for this appliance, which can vary greatly from kitchen to kitchen. The best way to ensure that your new unit will fit into the allotted space is to measure. Take three measurements of the available space; at the top, middle and bottom. Next, take three measurements of the chosen appliance in about the same spots to get a good idea as to whether you have a good fit. The door will be another consideration, so make sure that when the door is fully open it will allow room for your kitchen island or for family members to pass by. A good feature to look for is a reversible door that can be installed on either side of the fridge to ensure the best fit.

Figure out Configuration

There are a number of different configurations that you can choose from with a refrigerator/freezer. Probably the most common style is the side-by-side, which houses a freezer on one side and the refrigerator on the other. A bottom-mount will consist of the refrigerator on top and a freezer below. The freezer is often a drawer variety, which will offer the ease of opening and closing and plenty of space for freezer storage. A top-mount includes the freezer on the top and the refrigerator below. This is a popular style of refrigerator/freezer also, since it is usually the most economical model of the three. However, it can also be the smallest in terms of both size and capacity, making it a better choice for couples and smaller families.

Is your Freezer a Star?

Another variable that's worth looking at is the freezer star rating that comes with your unit. Since colder food is food that lasts longer and tastes fresher, a colder freezer will store your food more successfully. A freezer star rating will tell you just how cold a particular unit is designed to operate at. A single star will indicate the warmest freezer; -6°C to be exact. A four-star rating is reserved for the coldest units that can maintain a temperature of 18 below. This star rating is worth checking if you want to find the best storage unit possible for your favourite foods.

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