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dishwasher_cA dishwasher is the appliance to have if you don't want to spend life up to your unmentionables in dish soap bubbles. But which dishwasher is the best choice? It will help to have an idea of the features you are looking for before you head out to the appliance centre for a shopping spree.


The first step is to know what your options are, and which ones will be truly necessary to accommodate the needs of your family.

Size Matters

Most standard dishwashers will fit into any 24" space, but what if you don't have that much room? Compact sizes sport a narrower width of only 18" and countertop models will take up less room than that. Another option in a small kitchen is a portable dishwasher, which can be stored anywhere in the kitchen until you are ready to use it. When the dirty dishes pile up, simply wheel the unit over to the sink and hook it up to the faucet. Most countertop models can wash a place setting for four at one time, 18" dishwashers can manage 6-8 place settings and a standard size will wash twelve or more.

So does Efficiency!

Any major appliance is going to use plenty of energy, and a dishwasher is no exception. However, you can find energy efficient models that are designed to use less juice and cost you less to run over the long haul. Look for a high energy rating on the dishwasher that you purchase to ensure you are getting the "greenest" model possible. Manufacturers such as Indesit, Hotpoint and Bosch all make dishwashers that fall into this category.


If you have ever lived with a noisy dishwasher, you can understand the importance of searching for the quietest model possible. Some dishwasher models will advertise their noise quotient in terms of "sones", which is the assessment of the unit in terms of perception of noise or the annoyance factor. Quietest models will operate at about four sones, to give you a basis for comparison. Other models will be labelled as a quiet machine, such as Whirlpool's Quiet Partner. A general rule is that the more expensive models will also tend to be the quieter units, but you can shop around for the best deal.

Features to Feature

As with any major appliance, you can get as many bells and whistles on your dishwasher as you are willing to pay for. Some special features can be quite handy, such as child-safety locks for small children, and numerous program choices for a variety of dishes and glassware. Racks and baskets are also a consideration, since loading and unloading will be much easier with the proper set-up. An energy-efficient dry is a common feature, as well as a delayed start option that will allow you to run your unit when energy costs are at their lowest during the night.

The right dishwasher can be invaluable for freeing up your time and allowing you to spend it on things you enjoy rather than scrubbing up after dinner. By employing some shopping savvy when shopping for your unit, you will be able to enjoy your new dishwasher for many years to come.

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