Easter Food. What Dishes to Serve for Easter


easter avaEaster is a holiday beloved by children in many countries because Easter food and events are funny, interesting and nice. This holiday means Easter rabbit (bunny), Easter eggs, delicious meat dishes, Easter candies, Easter parades and so on. That's why not only orthodox Christians celebrate it, but different people all around the world also do. They cook Easter dinner, invite friends for barbeque, organize competitions for children and go for a picnic. Also many countries have their own traditional Easter food.

As orthodox Christians always fast for a long period before Easter, meat dishes became the most popular and expected on this day. That's why there is a tradition to serve ham, lamb or chicken for Easter table. Here are several nice and tasty meat dishes:

Rosemary and Garlic-studded Lamb

Marinated Leg of Lamb with Cream Sauce

Devilled Steaks

Gammon with Cumberland Sauce

Hot and Tangy Minced Lamb

Rib Roast with Red Wine Sauce

Spit-roasted Goose

Roast free-range chicken with wild garlic sauce

Roast Chicken with Sage and Apple Sauce

Another popular food for Easter is eggs. People make or buy Easter (Paschal) eggs, play games with them, exchange with friends, and then eat them. Sometimes eggs can be made from chocolate, or from plastic and filled with candies. But mostly people use chicken eggs. They paint or dye eggs. In some countries this tradition turned into art. For example, in Ukraine craftsmen make and teach other people to make Easter eggs that look more like a masterpiece. They use a lot of different techniques of painting and dyeing eggs, and also craftsmen make Easter eggs from wood, straw, beads, clay and porcelain. But children like most of all chicken eggs which can be eaten after dyeing and playing with them. We offer you several great recipes of egg dishes for Easter:

Egg Curry

Boiled egg and dippers

Eggs in herbal and mustard sauce

Stuffed eggs Creole

Deviled eggs with shrimps and radishes

Deviled eggs with bacon

Deviled eggs with sun-dried tomatoes and chives

In ovis apalis – boiled eggs

In most countries people make special Easter bread. They call it differently (panettone in Italy, paska in Ukraine, paska and kulich in Russia etc.), but the principle is the same. Almost always it is sweet bread with raisins, fruit and nuts. Only in Italy people make both sweet bread and salty bread with sausage and cheese. In some countries people cook various buns and cookies for Easter. Buns with custard, raisins, and marzipan balls are very popular. Sometimes bread and buns are decorated with Easter eggs. In Ukraine and Mexico a kind of cheesecake is cooked for Easter. We'll help you to find the best recipes of Easter buns and bread:


Apricot and nut-stuffed Fruit Bread

Grape bread

Fruit teabread

Semi-rich fruit cake

Schoenlapperstaart Cobbler's cake

Chocolate biscuits

Date and raisin bars

Raisin and walnut loaf

Fruit cake

A list of traditionally Easter dishes around the world

Akvavit / aquavit – spirit made with a help of herbs and spices. It is served at Easter dinner in Scandinavian countries.

Babka / bobka / kulich – sweet yeast cake. It is baked for Easter in Eastern Europe (Poland, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Romania).

Colomba pasquale / colomba di Pasqua ("Easter dove") – Italian Easter cake baked in the shape of a dove.

Cozonac / Kozunak – traditional Romanian and Bulgarian sweet bread cooked for Easter.

Easter biscuit – biscuit baked in Great Britain for Easter.

Easter bread – Easter sweet bread baked in Europe (Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Romania).

Flaouna / flaounes – Easter and Ramadan pastry cooked on Cyprus, in Greece and Turkey.

Kulurakia – Greek traditional Easter cookies.

Kulich – Ester bread baked in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania and Serbia.

Mämmi / memma – Scandinavian Easter dessert.

Ma'amoul – Easter shortbread popular in Arabic countries (Palestine, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Lebanon etc).

Folar – bread served for Easter in Portugal.

Paska bread – Easter bread cooked in European countries (Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Georgia and Bulgaria) and Assyrian world.

Pastiera – typical Easter cake in Italia.

Pinca / sirnica / pinza – Easter sweet roll baked in Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Italy.

Peeps – marshmallow candies, popular in the United States and Canada, served for Easter breakfast.

Šoldra – salty Easter bread in Silesian cuisine.

Tsoureki – Easter sweet bread cooked in Western and Central Asia.

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