Sauce in World Cuisine: Easy Sauces, Classic Sauces, Piquant Sauces


sauces cSauce is a very important part of the world cuisine. You can find traditional sauces in almost every cuisine, because they add flavour, moisture to the food, make it look more appetizing and taste more savory. Sauces are not served as a separate dish, they are always used with another food – in the process of cooking or to serve. Sauces can be liquid, creaming or semi-solid, depending on ingredients and main dishes.

The history of sauce using goes back to the 200 A.D., when ancient Romans cooked and used sauces to disguise the taste of the food. As a matter of fact, in those days food was not always fresh and good, so people needed something to add to dishes to kill bad smell and flavour.

Different sauces can be cooked and served either cold or warm. E.g. we cook and use béchamel warm, but pesto is cooked cold and served warm, apple sauce is both cooked and served cold etc. Some sauces we can buy in a store (mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, soy sauce), another are only made at home just before serving (béchamel, onion sauce, pesto). There are also sauces for salads, they are called salad dressings.

We can divide sauces into:

  • white sauces;
  • brown sauces;
  • sauces made of chopped fresh ingredients;
  • sweet sauces;
  • emulsified sauces;
  • butter sauces;
  • hot sauces.

Some cuisines use more different sauces than others. For example, Asian countries (China, Japan, Korea), Latin American countries etc.

Sauce recipes

Classic Sauces

Basic White Sauce

Basic brown sauce

Basic white coating sauce

Tomato and basil sauce

Cranberry Sauce

Bechamel Sauce for Lasagne

Bechamel sauce

Barbecue Sauce

Red Wine Marinade

Mushroom ketchup

Sweet and sour sauce

Mascarpone sauce

Hollandaise Sauce

Spaghetti Sauce

Quick Provencal Sauce

Rich Onion Sauce

Apple Sauce

Bread Sauce


Fudge sauce

Sweet white sauce

Red wine sauce

Cheese sauce


Piquant Sauces

Grilled red pepper sauce for char-grilled chicken breasts

Green onion and ginger dip

Mediterranean grilled vegetable sauce

Yogurt Marinade

Piquant Tomato Relish

Green & blue sauce

Lemon pepper sauce

Shellfish sauce

Real Chocolate Sauce

Horseradish sauce

Tartare sauce

Mint sauce

Orange and thyme sauce



Mint Yogurt Dressing

Vinaigrette dressing


Sauces made of chopped fresh ingredients

Lean Pasta Sauce

Ginger and spring onion sauce

Ricotta & ham sauce

Carbonara sauce

Creamy mushroom sauce

Espagnole sauce

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