Top-5 Useful Salad Tips and Tricks


salad cSalad is a mix of different ingredients, including raw or boiled vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, cereals etc. In most cases salad has a dressing which you can buy or make by yourself. Also spices and herbs are very important ingredient of salads. Here are some salad tips and recipes that will help you to cook a perfect salad.

There is a great variety of salads. They are an important part of any cuisine. And, of course, they inherit some peculiarities of national cuisines. That's why we have Greek Salad, Neapolitan Salad, Jamaica Salad, Indian Salad and so on.

All salads are divided into:

  • vegetable salads;
  • green salads;
  • fruit salads;
  • bound salads (ingredients are mixed with thick sauce and don't divide into separate parts. These salads are often used as sandwich filling);
  • main course salads (or dinner salads, they are very substantial);
  • dessert salads;
  • palate-cleansing salads (they are served to settle the stomach after the main course);
  • appetizer salads (they are used to stimulate the appetite, they always are rather light).

The history of such dish as salad is very old. Some historians suggest that 2 thousand years ago Ancient Romans cooked and ate salads made of greens and dressing, and Babylonians made salads with greens, oil and vinegar.

Nowadays you can cook salads with almost any ingredients, including not only vegetables and meat, but also nuts, shellfish, spirits, dried fruit, bread and etc.

Salad tips and tricks

Every dish has its cooking tips and peculiarities, salads also do. Let's find out the most important of them.

  1. Pay attention to the dressing – use appropriate quantity, take dressing that fits your salad, use either complex dressing (home made or bought) or simple one (some oil, a little bit of vinegar or mustard, sour cream). Always try to put dressing just before serving, very few salads need to marinate for some time. Usually only fruit salads can be served without any dressing.
  2. Add greens to salads to provide vitamins and antioxidants and also to improve the taste. And add fruit (like mango, orange, cranberries, pineapple etc) to green salads to make the dish more piquant and healthy.
  3. If you're making a salad with pasta, cook pasta "al dente". Then it won't be mushy and sticky. Remember that pasta absorbs some dressing and becomes a little bit softer already in your serving plate. To avoid extra moist put pasta into a large paper towel-lined pan, then roll pasta for some time.
  4. For potato salads try to use new potatoes. Always put dressing to still warm potato, it will absorb more dressing. To give even more flavor to your potato salad, marinate warm potatoes in a little vinegar and oil before mixing with other ingredients.
  5. To keep your salad fresh and crisp longer chill serving plates.

Salad recipes

Green salads

Basil & Mozzarella Salad

Quick prawn, melon and mint salad

Mushroom, spinach & hazelnut salad

Lettuce and cucumber salad

Spinach Salad with Strawberries


Veggie salads


Potato, Bean & Apple Salad

Chick Pea & Bulgar Wheat Salad

Beetroot & Orange Salad

Red cabbage salad

Ginger, green apple, sweet onion and coconut salad

Carrot and Green Pea Salad

Three Bean Salad


Main course salads

Warm turkey & mixed mushroom salad

Spiced chicken salad

Oriental beef salad

Avocado & mushroom salad

Chicken tarragon salad

Chicken and broccoli salad

Chicken, avocado & orange salad

Tomatoes stuffed with egg salad


Potato salads

Luxury Potato Salad

Irish potato salad


Pasta salads

Green Pasta Salad

Spicy chicken noodle salad

Avocado pasta salad

Three-way pasta salad

Seafood pasta salad

Bow-tie pasta salad with tuna

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