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desserts_cAlmost everyone likes desserts – different cakes, jellies, pies, cookies, fruit dishes, ice cream and so on. If you're making a party don't forget about a dessert. But you should know some peculiarities of serving sweet dishes. For example, what wine to serve to fruits and sweets, how to decorate different dishes and the table, what problems you can face while cooking desserts and so on. Also we offer you several nice recipes of delicious sweet dishes.

Canache (Canache Paste)

Ingredients: 6 fluid oz double cream; 12 oz chocolate chips or cooking chocolate (couverture).

Method: Place chosen chocolate in a heat-resistant container and allow to collapse on lowest shelf of oven at Gas Mark Low, Remove from oven, beat thoroughly and return to same shelf. Place cream in a thick, roomy pan and allow it to boil. When it is bubbling well, pour it onto the beaten chocolate beating thoroughly as you do so. When cream disappears, the mixture becomes shiny and dark. Ideally oil the surface of a small piece of marble. Oil the inside of a 1" deep wooden nougat frame 9" square. Place mixture in mild refrigeration until it thickens enough to pour very reluctantly into frame. Leave in refrigeration overnight. In the morning it will have the consistency of a soft and creamy fudge. For the simplest use of all the set mixture can be cut into neat squares with a sharp knife dipped into hot water.

Note: Lacking the recommended utensils, use a metal flan ring on a piece of oiled laminated plastic small enough to refrigerate.

Petits fours au chocolat (Chocolate Sweetmeats)

Soften at least 8 oz of chocolate chips in a small, deep, heat-resistant bowl as explained above. Beat well. Stamp out Canache into fancy shapes with small ornamental cutters, i.e. miniature hearts, clubs, spades, diamonds, circles, crescents or leaves. Alternatively, cut Canache as explained above into small rectangles, triangles or squares.

Have beside you, as you work, a baking sheet covered with waxed paper. Toss chosen Canache shapes singly into the melted chocolate. Lift out with a professional chocolate loop and top surplus chocolate off at edge of bowl. Slide each one fairly widely spaced onto the waxed paper and immediately affix any chosen top decoration such as a scrap of crystallised violet, rose petal, single crystallised mimosa bloom, a diamond or stem of angelica, half a walnut, a split almond, a silver ball, a petal of crystallised ginger, or a scrap of glace cherry red, yellow or green. Leave until set. Trim away surplus chocolate at base edge where it has spread onto paper. Lift completed chocolate into sweet paper case. Arrange in edible petits fours containers.

Having stamped out appropriate shapes in Canache, quite a quantity of surplus trimmings will remain. Roll these into small balls about the size of fat gooseberries, roll thickly while moist in your hands in chocolate vermicelli and intersperse these chocolate truffles between your chocolate-Coated Canache items.

Note: To make an improvised loop, twist a 15" length of fine strong wire to make a 1/2" by 3/4" oval loop and twist the two protruding ends of the wire together to make a stem.

Glace royal (Royal Icing)

Ingredients: 1 1/2 fluid oz egg white; strained juice 1/2 lemon; approximately 3/4 lb sifted icing sugar; a drop of blue vegetable colouring.

Method: Whip egg white, lemon juice and colouring for 30 seconds, if using electric mixer or rotary whisk, or beat vigorously for 5-6 minutes with wooden spoon. Continue whipping or beating while adding sugar; continue until mixture is smooth and holds a peak. If at this stage you work in a teaspoon of glycerine you should be able to achieve a classically firm royal icing which does not crack and fly in all directions!

Presentation and garnish

Long-Lasting Petits Fours Containers

Materials and Ingredients: One 9" thin silver-covered cake board; one batch royal icing given above; green and pink harmless vegetable colouring; two nylon icing bags with No, 7 crown pipes affixed; a few almond paste roses.

Method: Divide the given quantity of royal icing equally. Colour one half pale green and the other pale pink with the vegetable colouring. Place in the two icing bags and set the silver cake board in front of you. Pipe a fat double row of green royal icing all round the edges, exerting considerable pressure on the piping bag. Leave to harden for 1 hour. Pipe a double row of pink royal icing over the first two rows, exerting less pressure so that the ridges are thinner. Leave to set for 1 hour. Holding the No. 7 pipe vertically above the work, pipe a single row of green rosettes centrally between the two pink rows. Before these rosettes have had time to set, press a small cluster of almond paste roses at one point into a moist rosette so that when this hardens they will be secured. Place a single rosebud opposite in the same way and immediately give each of them a tiny sprig of dried maidenhair fern. Fill petits fours into this edible container. After using, wrap tightly in kitchen foil and store in a dry place to use again and again.

Note: The shape of these containers is not arbitrary and the same maybe done with a square, rectangular or oval silver cake board. The expert at piping can of course make much more complicated royal icing borders than the one we have suggested for the first attempt.

We have deliberately chosen a sweetmeat item to make together which does not call for any special table appointments. All or any of these can be passed round at table in the edible containers we have also made together or in any small decorative dish or plate suitable to the table colour scheme. Any member of the vast petits fours family is always made small enough to eat in one mouthful.

This is our sole reason for concentrating on what may be fairly called the 'trimmings' of dessert. We also showed you some examples of fruit and nut presentations which call for nutcrackers, dessert plates, silver dessert knives and forks, finger bowls and their little mats.

You can however ignore all these suggestions and if wishing to serve port at the end of your chosen meal, simply provide as accompaniments little containers of shelled nuts and salt.


Chocolate coatings made with either recommended types of chocolate will rapidly develop white speckles and thus become disfigured if the chosen chocolate is allowed to become over-heated. There is no acceptable way of disguising the wrong results.

The piped borders in royal icing will collapse assuredly unless the completed mixture holds a very strong and erect peak when a small amount of it is pulled upwards with a back of teaspoon. Always apply this test. If peak flops, work in more sifted icing sugar until the correct consistency is obtained; otherwise disaster will follow.


There is a great deal of chi-chi talked about the difficulties for inexperienced hostesses in serving port. In fact there are none. It is not necessary to decant a tawny port, but it is advisable to decant a vintage one, either into a decanter or a clean bottle, because it throws a heavy sediment. Any good wine merchant will do the latter for you before delivering. The prevalent idea that smoking cannot be permitted with port is nonsense. We discovered at a very grand dinner given in Oporto by the leading shippers and growers at the famous Factory House (dub for the port trade) that they always offer cigarettes and and cigars after the first round of vintage port and at the beginning of a tawny port service.

However, there is a ritual which is always observed in the service of port. The bottle or decanter should be placed in front of the host who passes it to the guest on his left and it is thus passed round the table clockwise. Each guest serves themselves and passes the port on until it comes back to the host who then fills his own glass.

As an alternative to port, it is perfectly correct to offer either cream or brown sherry or a Bual or Malmsey Madeira — all of which are sweet. All should be served at room temperature in 5 fluid oz 'tulips' which are in fact classic port glasses.

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