What Dishes to Cook for Christmas Dinner


christmas_dinner_cChristmas is a very nice holiday celebrated in many countries. But the date of Christmas Eve is different for some countries. For example, in the US, Canada, Britain and other Western and Northern European countries Christmas Day is celebrated on 25th of December. But in Eastern Europe New Year comes on 31th of December, 6 days later.

Also in every country there are different traditions of celebrating this holiday. And, of course, the holiday meal differs. In US people cook and serve roast turkey (goose, duck) or ham with cranberry sauce or with vegetables. Also there has to be special desserts for Christmas: puddings (plum pudding, plum pudding with brandy sauce, fruit pudding), pies (pumpkin pie, mince pies), fresh and dried fruit, nuts.

Here are some recipes of Christmas meals


Homestyle Turkey, the Michigander Way

Delicious turkey covered with foil and baked in oven. Turkey is the most popular dish for Christmas.


Rosemary Roasted Turkey

Very nice spicy dish made of turkey that is obligatory for the Christmas dinner.

Spit-roast Turkey with Spiced Apple

Very piquant taste of this dish can surprise your guests. This recipe implies cooking the whole bird, without cutting in parts.


Turkey in Cider and Mushroom Sauce

Very piquant dish, you and your guests will love it. But this dish is not for children because of alcohol and mushrooms.


Spit-roasted Goose

Goose is not as popular in US cuisine as turkey, but it is rather special and tasty.


Barbecued Wild Duck

If you're going to make barbecue on Christmas Eve use this recipe. Wild duck is great when it is cooked right.


Roast duck with apples

This dish traditionally is from Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, but today people in US, Britain and other countries use this recipe as well.


Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is often served with meat for Christmas. It is a very nice tradition and the sauce itself is rather delicious.



Christmas pudding (and the 2nd recipe)

It even has a Christmas name. This sweet dish can be a nice dessert at Christmas dinner.


Plum pudding

Very nice pudding made of plums. Good for children and adults.


Plum Pudding with Brandy Sauce

Only for adult people. But it has really amazing taste. Pay attention that this recipe is rather hard for a cook.


Steamed plum pudding

Delicious and healthy dessert. For adults only because of alcohol in it.


Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin is a very healthy food, and pies of it are delicious and good for our health.


Mince pies (and the 2nd recipe)

Nice pies with meat stuffing. Small and very good for serving on Christmas Eve.


Christmas calzoni

Very interesting and piquant Italian Christmas dish. Surprise your guests!


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