Peas in American and Asian Cuisine


peas_cBoth fresh and frozen peas are good sources of minerals and vitamins. The nutritional content of fresh peas is highest immediately after picking. Frozen peas can be compared nutritionally with freshly picked peas, and may have a higher vitamin content than fresh pods, which have been stored for some time. Quick to prepare, peas are one of the most popular accompaniments to a main meal.

Vitamins and minerals

The vitamin C content in peas is not very high, but they are a good source or carotene (vitamin A). The fibre content of peas is high, particularly for small peas, which have a high proportion of skin to flesh.

Mangetout and sugar snap peas have a similar nutritional content to fresh podded peas. These sweeter-tasting varieties are eaten whole and are equally delicious raw in salads or stir-fried in Thai or Chinese dishes.

Dishes with peas:

Carrot and Green Pea Salad

Carrot soup with yellow split peas

Chicken, sweet potato and pea puree

Erwtensoep: Pea soup

Minted green peas

Old fashioned pea soup with ham

Potato and peas with a hint of mint

Potato, leek, carrot and pea puree

Split Pea Soup with Sausage

Stir-Fried Peas with Fresh Coriander and Spring Onions

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