Choose Low Fat Mayonnaise When on Diet


Mayonnaise_cMayonnaise may have been named after the French general Mahon. His chef was unable to obtain butter for hollandaise sauce, so invented this recipe, which subsequently became a classic. Mayonnaise is made from egg yolks, olive oil and a little vinegar. Good-quality mayonnaise is delicious, but is very high in fat and calories.

Best quality mayonnaise should be gelatinous with a pale, shiny look.

Salads and sandwiches

Mayonnaise is a favourite addition to all kinds of salads. It is also commonly added to commercially prepared sandwiches since it improves texture, moisture and flavour. If you are counting calories, check your lunchtime salad or sandwich for mayonnaise - it will increase the fat and calorie content hugely.

Lower fat mayo

For those looking for a lower fat alternative, 'light' mayonnaise is widely available. However, despite the fact that it contains at least half the amount of fat present in the classic product reduced-fat mayonnaise remains a fairly high-fat product.

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