Make Pickles and Preserves in Microwave


Pickles-and-Preserves-in-Microwave_cMaking jams and pickles in the microwave really does take all the hard work out of preserving. The results are excellent. The preserves have a fresh, true flavour and a rich, bright, natural colour, and they need very little attention during cooking. However, the microwave can only cope with making a small quantity at a time.

So I'd advise you to stick to your traditional method and use a large preserving pan when you need to take advantage of a glut of fruit, tomatoes, or make a stock of marmalade when Seville oranges are in season.

But there are other benefits: the microwave relieves you of a damp, steamy kitchen, and most of the pickling smells are confined inside the cooker. This is also a fairly safe method of preserving, with less likelihood of burnt fingers -though you must still wear oven gloves as the containers get very hot indeed, especially with sugar mixtures.

The basic principles of preserving remain the same; it is essential to use a large bowl or container for cooking, since the preserves will boil up fiercely. Watch for this. The setting point can be tested in the usual way, by spooning a little on to a chilled saucer, allowing it to cool, then pushing it with a fingertip. If the surface wrinkles, the setting point has been reached.

Jam jars may also be sterilised in the microwave. Half-fill each jar with cold water, heat on full power for 2-3 minutes until boiling, then carefully remove the hot jars from the microwave, swirl the water round the jar, then pour it away. Drain the jars upside down on clean kitchen paper, then fill, seal and label them in the usual way.


0 #1 Marie 2015-08-02 07:35 I have preserved tomatoes, pickles & jams this way for years…no one has kicked the bucket yet!!! I prefer this method for SMALL batches…it's quick & easy. Quote

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