What Cakes to Include in Your Diet


Cake_cCakes come in all shapes and sizes - some may be very high in fat and sugar while others have a relatively low-fat, high-fibre content. The secret of a good diet is not so much what you eat, but how often you eat it. Enjoy a piece of cake as a treat now and them.


Nutritional content

While the majority of cakes are concentrated sources of fat and sugar, some varieties provide a good source of nutrition. A traditional fruit cake is packed with dried fruit, is high in fibre and contains some minerals and vitamins such as vitamins A and D.

Low-fat choices

Remember there are no 'bad' foods, only bad diets. If you find it difficult to resist cakes but want to improve your diet, experiment with low-fat recipes or choose low-fat cakes when you shop. Aim for healthy ingredients, too, such as fruit or wholemeal flour. Try low-fat date loaf (high in sugar and fibre but low in fat), wholemeal hot-cross buns or fruit-filled teacakes.

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