Choose Finger Foods for Your Baby


finger-foodsAs your baby develops better finger control (this usually happens at around eight months), introducing finger foods will help to develop the all-important skills of biting, chewing and self-feeding. Finger foods should be big enough for your baby to pick up, easy to hold and should not have any stones, pips or bones in them.

You should also avoid small, hard foods like whole grapes that might cause your baby to choke. Just because your baby has teeth doesn't mean that she knows how to chew food. Instead, young babies are quite likely to bite off a piece of food, try to swallow it whole and choke on it, so never leave a child alone while eating.


To begin with, as your baby learns to feed herself, she will probably drop a lot of her food on the floor. This can all seem very charming and amusing to begin with, but it tan become a tragic waste of food. To prevent this happening, it's a good idea to invest in a plastic splash mat which can be laid under her high chair so that the food falls on a clean surface and can then be recycled. It will also ease the chore of clearing up behind her after every meal.

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