Feeding Baby. Self-Feeding


self-feeding_cLet your baby experiment with feeding herself, using her fingers or a spoon. The more independent your growing baby, the sooner she will master the art of feeding herself. Use special equipment: high chairs, special bowls and spoons, feeding cups.




High chair: Once your baby can support her head and upper body, she can use a high chair. But if your baby is active, don't put her there until her meal is ready in case she gets upset at being confined to one place for too long. Put her in a safety harness so that she can't wriggle and fall out. Meals are not just about nutrition, they are a time for being sociable, so let her join in with family meals by pulling the high chair up to the table.

Bowls and spoons: A plastic bowl with a suction pad on the base is a good idea at this age; throwing food on the floor is often as much fun as eating it. As soon as you think she is ready, give her a plastic spoon and fork - she can experiment with feeding herself.

Feeding cups: Many babies can learn to drink from a feeder cup around the age of six months. Start with a double-handled cup with a soft spout and snap-tight lid. There are many varieties including no-spill cups and cups with a one-way valve control so that even if the cup is turned upside down, no liquid will come out. Eventually graduate to an open cup.

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