Making Home Made Sweets


home-made-dessertsA wide range of sweets can be made at home quite easily with very little special equipment. The most essential item is a sugar thermometer; though there are some sweets that can be made without one. Most however are made by cooking sugar mixtures to a certain temperature.


The sugar is dissolved in water and brought to the boil (100°C, 212°F). On further heating, water evaporates and the temperature rises.

Soft Ball: 114-115°C (238-240°F)

Hard Ball: 120°C (248-250°F).

These are used for fudges, fondants, toffees etc.

Useful hints

Sugar Boiling

1. Use a strong, heavy saucepan large enough to prevent syrup boiling over.

2. Always dissolve all sugar slowly before allowing syrup to boil - or it will crystallise,

3. Once boiling point is reached do not stir the syrup unless specially directed.

4. Brush sides of pan down with cold water to prevent crystallisation.

5. Take thermometer readings at eye level.

6. As soon as the correct temperature is reached stand the pan on a cool part of the cooker without shaking it.

7. Great care should be taken with sugar boiling; the sugar ts raised to a very high temperature and being a thick mixture it holds the heat so very serious burns can result if allowed to spill.

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