Useful Tips and Peculiarities of Baking Pastry


pie_cMaking pastry is rather hard thing. You should have special knowledge and experience to do it. Of course, baking is the most important thing. But sometimes forming and decorating also mean a lot. Here are some tips that will help you. And if something goes wrong, look at the table we give you in this article. It really can help.


To cover a pie

pie1The best way of lifting the dough to cover the top of a pie is to place the rolling-pin on the pastry just past the centre. Fold about one-third of the pastry over the pin. Lift the rolling-pin with the pastry over it and roll it over the top of the pie.

To trim pie, tart, etc

pie2Cut off the pastry edge level with the edge of the dish, using a sharp knife. Hold the knife at a slight angle, with the handle pointing towards the dish to prevent shrinking from edge.


pie3For pies, tarts, sausage rolls etc, flaking the edges means gently marking with the back of a knife along the edges of the pastry, to neaten and give a flaky finish.


pie4This is a way of decorating the pastry edge after flaking. One method for pies and tarts is to press the thumb on the top outer edge and with the back of a knife draw the edge towards the centre. Repeat this all round the edge.

Making leaves

pie5 pie6


What went wrong and why


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