How to Freeze Complete Meals


Freezer-Meal-Storage_cSome freezer owners prefer to store all vegetables together, all cooked dishes together and so on. Others find it more convenient to package complete meals in one polythene bag for easy storage, and this is useful if the cook is not available to complete the serving of a meal. As a compromise between the two systems, it may be practical to package sauces with pasta or with an appropriate dessert, or to prepare a complete dinner party menu and package it with a preparation timetable.

Experienced cooks will soon find their most convenient individual system, but the following plan outlines the sort of way in which frozen dishes and raw materials may be combined, with specimen timetables for final preparation and serving.


Lunch for school holidays

Tomato Juice

Spaghetti with Meat Balls in Gravy

Fruit Crumble

Preparation timetable

3 hours before meal:

Remove tomato juice from freezer and put in container in refrigerator.

30 minutes before meal:

Put meat balls in gravy into double boiler and heat gently.

Put fruit crumble into oven (400°F, Gas Mark 6).

20 minutes before meal:

Put frozen spaghetti into boiling water, bring back to boil, and leave to simmer.

Serving time

Season tomato juice. Reduce oven heat to 375°F (Gas Mark 5) for fruit crumble. Drain spaghetti and pour over meat balls and gravy.


Supper for family

Tomato Soup with Croutons

Macaroni Cheese

Fresh Fruit Ice Cream

Preparation timetable

45 minutes before meal:

Put macaroni cheese in oven (400°F, Gas Mark 6).

15 minutes before meal:

Heat tomato soup in double boiler.

Serving time

Add frozen croutons to soup. Remove fresh fruit ice cream from freezer.


Dinner party

Fish Pate

Roast Chicken with Bread Sauce

Green Peas and Duchesse Potatoes

Icebox Cake

Preparation Timetable


Put wrapped chicken and stuffing in refrigerator to thaw.

3 hours before meal:

Transfer fish pate and icebox cake to refrigerator from freezer. Remove wrappings from icebox cake.

2 hours before meal:

Stuff chicken and prepare for roasting.

20 minutes before meal:

Put Duchesse potatoes in oven (400°F, Gas Mark 6).

10 minutes before meal:

Cook frozen peas. Heat bread sauce in double boiler, adding a little cream and seasoning.

Serving time

Bring fish pate to table with toast. Serve chicken with bread sauce, peas and potatoes. Cover icebox cake with whipped cream.


Children's tea

Sardine Sandwiches

Sausage Rolls

Iced Chocolate Cake

Preparation Timetable

4 hours before meal: Unwrap cake and put on serving plate at room temperature. Leave sandwiches in wrappings at room temperature.

25 minutes before meal: Put cooked sausage rolls in oven (400°F, Gas Mark 6).

Serving time

Trim crusts from sandwiches and cut in smaller pieces.

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