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Fuerte Avocado - Why It is Called so


avocado_cThe Fuerte avocado is a medium to large fruit with an elongated pyriform (pear) shape ranging from around five to sixteen ounces. Its skin is smooth, easy to peel and its flesh is thick, yellow and 18% oil. Its flavor is rich and creamy with notes of hazelnut and a lemony, grassy finish.

Hot Pepper Rating



pepper4_cThis rating will help you to chose the mildest and the most chili pepper. The Rating System Goes From 1 - Mildest to 10 - Three Alarm.

The History of Chocolate


hokolad_cChocolate begins with a bean ... a cacao bean. It has been mashed and eaten for centuries. The history of chocolate spans from 200 B.C. to the present, encompassing many nations and peoples of our world.

Early Blood Turnip-Rooted Beet - One of the Most Popular Beets of the 1800s in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States


beet_cThis is one of the oldest surviving varieties of table beet, having been introduced in America by 1820. One of the most popular beets of the 1800s in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, it is an all-purpose variety, round root 4 to 4.5 inches in diameter with 48 to 68 days to maturity from seed.

Meech's Prolific Quince - American Variety of the Fruit


quince_cMeech's Prolific is a historic American variety of the common quince (Cydonia oblonga). It was discovered in Connecticut around the middle of the 19th century and is named after Reverend William W. Meech. Today, only around 200 acres of quince trees are grown commercially in the United States, and it is considered a little-known specialty fruit.

Absinth - the History of Green Fairy


absinthe_ava_c2Lately absinth has again become popular. A special ritual of drinking played here not the least role, with its unusual serving, destined for it accessories and comforting atmosphere, that always attracted the attention of absinth-lovers not less than the drink itself.

New Orleans Baguette


bread_cThis thin-crusted variety of French Bread - more commonly known as the Baguette, Po' Boy Loaf or Sunday Cap Bread - is fundamental to the New Orleans gastronomy. Each version of the French bread is slightly different.

Nuts will Help You to Lose Weight


nut3_cImagine a food so packed with fibre, protein, phytochemicals, amino acid, minerals and vitamins that it could lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes, and even help you to lose weight ... wouldn't you want to try it? Ummm...ever heard of a walnut?

10 Tips for Healthy Eating


yeda_c1It can sometimes seem difficult to enjoy social occasions and stick to your healthy diet. Healthy eating when you're out can be a challenge, with larger portion sizes and more availability of high-fat foods.

This guide will help you work your way through the maze of food out there, and let you eat out confidentally while sticking to your weight loss goals!

Cheese Encyclopedia


semi-hard_cWisconsin is home of the world's most award-winning cheeses. Discover the heritage and special nuances that make each of the varieties of Wisconsin Cheese so delicious to eat.

Desert Oregano is Specific North American Spice


oregano_cDesert Oregano grows wild in the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts of North America where it has been traditionally used as a culinary herb to season fish and meats as well as medicinally, as an anti-inflammatory and an anti-vertigo remedy. It is currently hailed as one of the richest sources of antioxidants in the plant world.

Is Salt Bad for All of Us?


salt_cSalt is crucial for our health, but currently we eat, on average, at least two and a half times what we need. Critics say that only some people are sensitive to salt and that these are the people, along with anyone with heart problems, liver disease or kidney disease, who need to watch their salt intake. So, is salt a friend or a foe for us?

American Apple. History and Variety of this Fruit


apple_ava3The apple is the epitome of an American fruit. Its initial use was as a means of expansion into the new frontier at the hand of Johnny Appleseed, and it is also the basis of many quintessential American baked goods such as apple butter, apple pie and apple cider doughnuts. Though the apple is prevalent in American food traditions, it is not native to North America - it was brought to the US by English and Western European settlers.

Shrub is American Colonial-day Drink


shrub2_avaShrub is a colonial-day drink whose name is derived from the Arabic word sharab, to drink. It is a concentrated syrup made from fruit, vinegar, and sugar that is traditionally mixed with water to create a refreshing drink that is simultaneously tart and sweet. In the nineteenth-century, the drink was often spiked brandy or rum.

Election-Day Menu: Food from Our Greatest Presidents



Hands down, my vote for the greatest presidents weve seen in this country goes to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. John Kennedy might have been a truly great president, but he died before he could prove his mettle, though his stand against the USSR during the Cuban Missile Crisis counts as something commendable, I guess. Anyway, I thought it would be nice to get in the mood for Election Day by cooking up food served in the White House during the time each man served as president. The following recipes come from these men or their wives and chefs/cooks.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Product Calorie Content Table


(Product 3,5 ounces - kcal*)
* a cal is the amount of energy required to increase the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 C grad.
a Kcal is the amount of energy required to increase the temperature of 1000 grams of water by 1 C grad.



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