saladAlthough it's tempting to buy a convenience food that you can heat up for a quick light meal, it is just as easy to prepare a meal yourself. All the stunning recipes in this section are very simple and are either Sin-free or relatively low in Sins. Although they are light, they will fill you up and you are guaranteed not to feel hungry afterwards. Salads are among the most light, easy and delicious meals.

Poultry-Dishes_cDishes with poultry are very popular all over the world. It can be chicken meat, game, turkey, duck, peacock or any other. People like dishes with poultry because this meat is low-fat, delicious and easy-cooked. We offer you some recipes of poultry dishes, like Poulet a la Kiev. Also you can find information about different problems of cooking poultry, partners for serving it and useful advice in this article.

Mini-Pitta-SandwichesPitta breads can be split open and then stuffed with some colourful, mouthwatering fillings. However, make sure that you use the mini pittas which contain 4 1/2 Sins each rather than the large pittas, which on average contain 12 1/2 Sins. To make each pitta sandwich, with a sharp knife, split the mini pitta bread down one side to make a pocket. Carefully fill the pitta with one of the suggested fillings below. Store in a sealed transportable container until required.

mushrooms_cHere is some information about different types of mushrooms: Cep, Chanterelle, Chestnut mushroom, Enoki-take, Fairy Ring Champignon, Field Mushroom, Giant Puffball, Honey Fungus, Horn of Plenty, Horse Mushroom, Jew's Ear Fungus, Matsutake, Morel, Orange Peel Fungus, Oyster Mushroom, Padi Straw Mushroom, Parasol Mushroom, Shaggy Ink Caps, Shiitake, St George's Mushroom, Summer Truffle, White Mushrooms (Button Mushrooms, Closed Cup Mushrooms, Open Cup Mushrooms, Large Open or Fiat Mushrooms), Wood Blewit. You can find methods of collecting and cooking mushrooms, pictures of some of them and other information about edible mushrooms.

sandwichYou can easily pack up a slimming, healthy lunch and take it to work with you, whether it's a crisp, crunchy salad, some sandwiches or even some hot soup in a vacuum flask. They can all be prepared in advance, either the night before or in the morning before you leave home. With one of our delicious packed lunches, you won't succumb to hunger pangs and be tempted to visit the local sandwich bar or fast food restaurant.

light-biteIf you're feeling peckish, try one of our creative Sin-free bites, which you will find in the following article. They are all quick and easy to make, and many are Sin-free on both the Original and Green Eating Plans. You can enjoy them as light, healthy meals when you rush in from work and don't have much time to cook.

Detox-Juices_cDetoxifying may be a trendy 'buzz' word, but it isn't a new concept. People have been cleansing their bodies since biblical times, often for religious reasons and to help concentrate the mind. During the twentieth century detoxification programmes have become an established treatment in addiction centres, to assist in weaning people off alcohol and drugs. Put in this context, it all sounds rather serious, but in fact detoxing is a simple and natural process that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Detoxing with fresh fruit and vegetable juices rests and rejuvenates the parts you don't normally reach - or even think about!

eggs_cThe experts tell us that wine and egg dishes do not go well together; so if you wish to be a fairly high-flown gastronomic expert, you will be correct in omitting any wine with the above dish. Conversely the average Frenchman will eat an omelette with a crust of bread and wash both down with copious draughts of well chilled vin rose. Therefore, on a less hairsplitting level and if serving Tchina as an hors d'oeuvre, you can start with this very humble wine and drink it throughout the meal thereafter, or follow it with more serious table wines to suit subsequent courses.

beer_cThe primary ingredient of beer is malted barley. Barley for English brewing is traditionally a specially selected variety of English two-rowed barley. English brewing barley is usually specially grown, because it is important that brewing barley should have a low protein content. An excess of protein and certain other nitrogenous substances will encourage haze to be formed in the finished beer.

Juices2_cFruit and vegetable juices can help in fighting many diseases and illnesses. Also they make us more healthy, active, beautiful. Here are only some advantages of juices: they give us extra energy, vitamins and minerals, they can be aphrodisiacs and cure sexual dysfunction, they can heal frazzled nerves, hangovers and different toxications.

Fish_cWhen you’re giving a dinner party it often good to serve fish because not all people eat meat (there are many vegetarians in the whole world nowadays). So, fish is a nice product and you can cook lots of dishes with it. We offer you just a few interesting and refined dishes from our collection: Casserolettes de sole, Crepes bon viveur. And also here are some advice for you.

Commercial-Brewing_cRead about traditional commercial brewing in Great Britain, about all the processes of brewing (malting, kilning the malt, mashing, boiling, cooling, aeration, fermentation, maturation and barrelling, drinking). Also there is information about different fermentation systems: single vessel skimming system, carriage-cask cleansing system, puncheon cleansing system, dropping system, patent union cleansing system, Yorkshire stone square, conical fermenter.


If you'd like to drink great beer, more healthy and delicious, there is a chance for you: make your own beer. Do you think it is too hard? Then you're wrong. Of course, it wouldn't be piece of cake, but it is rather interesting. Remember: if you do not fully understand something do not let it worry you unduly. You do not need to understand the science of brewing in order to produce good beer, in the same way that you do not need to know the chemical reactions that take place when baking a cake.

Soups_cWhen you're giving a dinner party you try everything to be ideal. And, of course, you have to know the rules of serving any dish and do everything according to these rules. Serving soups and stews is a very important part of a dinner party. So, we'd like to help you a little - here are some recipes of interesting and delicious soups, some advice of presentation dishes and major problems with cooking and serving soups.

Alertness-and-Stress_cOur lives seem to become busier and more pressurized every day, as we try to juggle the demands of work, family, home and leisure time. We can easily end up tired, run-down and over-stressed, and if we don't look after ourselves we can start to suffer from insomnia, digestive upsets, lack of interest in sex, and a tendency to pick up minor illnesses. Fresh juices, drunk regularly, can help provide us with some of the nutrients that help us cope with stresses and strains, and enjoy life to the full.


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