Serving-Coffee_cMethods of cooking and serving different kinds of refined coffee: Moka, Cafe Liegeois, Cafe Brulot and so on. Also read about partners (Digestifs, Cognac, Armagnac, Eaux-de-vie, Liqueurs), presentation of coffee (what cup to take, how much coffee to pour, when and how to serve), problems with cooking it.

desserts_cAlmost everyone likes desserts – different cakes, jellies, pies, cookies, fruit dishes, ice cream and so on. If you're making a party don't forget about a dessert. But you should know some peculiarities of serving sweet dishes. For example, what wine to serve to fruits and sweets, how to decorate different dishes and the table, what problems you can face while cooking desserts and so on. Also we offer you several nice recipes of delicious sweet dishes.

Puddings_cPudding is a very popular dish in US. We cook it for parties and as every day dish. There is a tradition to serve Christmas pudding at Christmas dinner. But not all of us knows how to serve puddings right, what partners should be served with this dish, what problems may appear and so on. In this article you can read some information about all that and also you can find several exciting pudding recipes here.

water_cIf you are a beginner to brewing you can skip this article completely and come back to it at a later stage in your apprenticeship. If you are brewing from kits there is no need to worry about water treatment at all. If you are brewing from malt extract there is still probably no need to concern yourself with the matter. The main benefits of water treatment are obtained when mashing from grain, but even so, perfectly acceptable ales can still be brewed without it. Only if you are a perfectionist and an experienced brewer seeking to fine-tune the quality of your beers should you need to concern yourself with water treatment.

sauna_cA variety of extra activities such as saunas, mud packs and massage provide welcome distractions from tempting chocolate bars and alluring pizzas. Give your body some extra power and health. Drink juices and use the next activities to look beautiful. At the end of this section you will find an easy chart which you can refer to for integrating treatments into a detox plan.

Cheese-Board_cCheese is a very popular appetizer. Lots of people like it. But it can be rather difficult to serve it right and to choose the right type of cheese. For example: what cheese to serve to white and to red wine, what cheese dishes to present to the guests, how to make a beautiful and delicious cheese board and so on. Also we offer you several interesting and delicate recipes of cheese dishes.

brewing_yeast_cYeast is probably the most important item used in the production of ale and beer, yet its significance is often underrated. But the lack of information gives the impression that yeast is of minor importance and that any old yeast will do the job. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It is not generally appreciated by the amateur brewer that about half of the components that go towards the flavour of beer are supplied by the yeast in the form of fermentation by-products. The quality, flavour, and aroma of a beer are all affected by the type and quality of the yeast employed.


Juice-Diet_cThe One Week Vitality Plan combines the potency of fresh fruit and vegetable juices with plain and simple foods. This double-edged approach rests and tonifies the digestive system, while providing nourishment and strength. Regular meals are part of the plan, but the choice of food is restricted, so that maximum benefit is obtained from the cleansing programs. Throughout the week, you can enjoy some of the Extra Ways to Pamper yourself such as saunas, Turkish baths, massage and aromatherapy facials.

Meat-Dishes_cCook different interesting meat dishes for your guests. Here are several recipes: Stuffed Veal Rolls, Basic Brown Sauce for meat, Pork Fillet in Puff Pastry. And also we offer you some advice for meat serving: presentation of meat dishes, garnishes and partners for meat, problems with cooking and so on. Surprise your guests!


Dishes-with-Vegetables_cIf you're making a great dinner party there is a chance that some of your guests are vegetarians or people on diet. You should take it into account and serve vegetable dishes and low-fat dishes as well. That's why we offer you some recipes of refined dishes with vegetables. They look very nice and festively and taste great, so they're ideal for parties.

juicing-plan_cHere's an every day plan of drinking juices. You should remember that we can't drink much juices, because we have a day norm of juice. If you drink as much juice as you physically can it could be harmful for your health. That's why we offer you a special plan for juicing: how much to drink when you wake up, when having breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper and before going asleep.

Hot-ToastiesA toastie makes a quick and nourishing hot supper snack. To make a toastie for one person, you will need to use one medium slice of wholemeal bread (4 Sins) from a large 800 g loaf. Don't be tempted to substitute muffins, rolls or pitta bread, or the Sins will soon mount up. To make each toastie, just take 1 medium slice wholemeal bread (4 Sins) and then toast the bread on both sides, either in a toaster or under a preheated hot grill. Do not overcook or the toast will be hard and unappetising – it should be crisp, a pale golden brown and still slightly soft in the middle. Top the toast with one of the delicious toppings listed below.

diet_cWhen you're on diet it is very important to know all the slimming tips, because the success of your diet depends on your cooking technique and the products. If you really want to lose weight pay attention to every slimming rule or tip. Here we're giving you several tips: dry frying vegetables and mushrooms is good, how to cook low-fat curries and bakes, what ingredients to use, Sin-free dishes and ingredients, warnings etc.

hop_cYou are probably quite aware of the fact that beer is made from malted barley, and that hops supply bitterness, aroma, and preservative properties to beer, but if you ask a number of laymen, "What is beer made from?", you will probably be astounded to learn of the number of people that give the simple reply, "hops", with no mention of malt or barley. A large number of people are quite unaware of the fact that the primary ingredient of beer (apart from water) is malted barley.

christmas_dinner_cChristmas is a very nice holiday celebrated in many countries. But the date of Christmas Eve is different for some countries. For example, in the US, Canada, Britain and other Western and Northern European countries Christmas Day is celebrated on 25th of December. But in Eastern Europe New Year comes on 31th of December, 6 days later.


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