street-food avaUnited States gave a lot of extraordinary and delicious foods to the world. Many dishes became traditional in our country and we cook them on our main holidays. But usually favourite American foods are street foods: like hot dogs, corn dogs, Philly cheesesteaks, burgers etc. We present you top-9 American dishes that were invented in US and still are popular nowadays.

california-burger avaTraditional American cuisine is not very healthy, though it's rather delicious. Mostly we like meat and sweets. Of course, it can be harmful for our health – all those burgers, French fries and pizzas, – but it still is a tradition for us to eat hot dogs on the 4th of July or grill steaks at barbeques. And we respect our traditions. If to talk about dessert traditions in US, it has to be chocolate. All the most popular desserts contain chocolate – it's our weakness, our curse if you like. But it's so damn good.

supermarket-in-us avaThe largest retail chains in the world and in US are supermarket and grocery store chains. Supermarkets, discount stores and grocery stores have the biggest popularity in our country. Among top-10 biggest store chains in US there are national and international chains. Most of them are American chains of stores, others – European. Some of national retail chains work rather aggressively with their competitors inside and outside the country, others – prefer loyal politics to the customers and regular sales and discounts.

spirits cAll around the world people enjoy spirits: they drink pure strong drinks, make cocktails, organize degustations and use spirits in cooking. There is such a great variety of different spirits that everybody can pick one of them according to his/her taste, mood and desire. For some people alcohol has become an absolute evil, some of us can't relax and rest after a hard day without spirits, there are also those, who doesn't drink alcohol at all. Everyone makes his own choice. But there are few people, who has never tasted spirits.

mexican-cuisine cLots of people all around the world like Mexican food. This cuisine is rich for flavours, colours and spices. Hot spicy dishes made of many ingredients are the main part of Mexican cuisine. To prepare Mexican food you should take native to this country vegetables, herbs and spices. Mexican recipes are rather easy, but food is beautiful and delicious.

baking-sheets cA baking sheet is a "must have" for every kitchen. It is one of the most useful cooking equipment. With a baking sheet you can cook either hot sandwiches, or cookies, or cakes and pies, or lasagna etc. In general baking sheet is a flat, rectangular metal pan for oven. This kitchen equipment is used not only in home cooking, but also in bakers, restaurants and cafés and so on.

indian-cuisine cIndia is a large country with a lot of regions that have their own cuisine peculiarities. But still there are some cooking styles and techniques that relate all Indian food. First of all, Indian food is very spicy – Indian chefs use a different variety of herbs and spices. Also Indian cuisine uses lots of different vegetables – there are many veggie dishes and dishes with poultry, but not with fat meat.

sauces cSauce is a very important part of the world cuisine. You can find traditional sauces in almost every cuisine, because they add flavour, moisture to the food, make it look more appetizing and taste more savory. Sauces are not served as a separate dish, they are always used with another food – in the process of cooking or to serve. Sauces can be liquid, creaming or semi-solid, depending on ingredients and main dishes.

soups cSoups are rather healthy and delicious food. There are clear soups (like bouillons) and thick soups (like purees or cream soups). You can make a vegetarian soup or use some meat stock. The usual soup ingredients are: potatoes, carrots, vegetable or meat stock, onions, pasta, cereals, herbs and spices. But you can also use any other ingredients – eggs, butter, grains, fruit, nuts, seafood etc.

homemade-bread cToday many people do not buy bread, but make it at home. Homemade bread is much more healthy and tasty. And also you can add any ingredients you want to your bread loaf. There are lots of interesting and piquant bread recipes. But you should pay attention to some rules and tips that will help you to bake perfect bread. And choose ingredients carefully. If you do everything right, your bread will be very delicious.

salad cSalad is a mix of different ingredients, including raw or boiled vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, cereals etc. In most cases salad has a dressing which you can buy or make by yourself. Also spices and herbs are very important ingredient of salads. Here are some salad tips and recipes that will help you to cook a perfect salad.

baby-foodThe first food baby gets after breast milk is very important for its future tastes and likes. But even more influence first food has on baby's health. That's why parents must introduce new food to baby very carefully. Pay much attention to first baby food to avoid food allergies, diatheses and indigestions. We offer you several recipes of non-allergic baby dishes with products that should be introduced firstly.

CakeCake is a dessert made of pastry and cream or jam. Usually it has several layers. The top of cake is decorated with chocolate, cream, nuts, fruit, jelly etc. There are so many different cake recipes, that every person on Earth can choose something for him/her. Whether you like it moist or dry, sweet or savory, fluffy or dense, cakes come in all flavors and tastes. Some cake recipes are universal, another are made only for gourmets.

Easter-food cEaster is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians all over the world. It is believed that on this day Jesus Christ rose from the dead (on the third day after his crucifixion). The whole week, called Holly Week, is dedicated to resurrection of Christ. This holiday has a lot of traditions, and one of them is Easter food. Main Easter dishes are paskha (special Easter bread), Easter Eggs, meat rolls, roasted meat, ham, and different sweets, like buns.

seafood cRecipes with seafood are not only tasty but also dietary and healthy. Eating seafood at least 2-3 times a week helps us feel better, loose weight and get lots of needed nutrients. Many people stopped eating meat, they use seafood and vegetables instead. And they get all nutrients from such food. But for those who still eat meat and animal products seafood is also very valuable and necessary food. Use fish and shellfish in your meals and you'll observe great improvement of health.


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