Name Transcarpathian Salad


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300 g jerked sirloin,

170 g ham,

3 potatoes,

185 g green peas,

2-3 dill pickles,

2 carrots,

2 eggs,

150 g mayonnaise,



For 1 kg sirloin:

50 g salt,

6 g peppercorns,

50 g hot pepper or cayenne sauce,

30 g paprika,

50 g garlic.

Boil potatoes in jackets^ cool and peel. Finely dice potatoes, cooked carrots along with dill pickles, hard-boiled egg, and ham cut in small pieces. Add green peas, mayonnaise and salt to taste. Mix. Shape the salad into a mound on platter or salad bowl. -Garnish with fine slices of jerked meat, hard-boiled egg, vegetables and parsley. The salad can be placed in pastry shells and garnished with jerked meat. Jerked sirloin. Dress beef sirloin, season each piece with salt and pepper, place in enamelled dish, put in cold place for 10 to 12 days, turning the meat over every day. After this hang the seasoned sirloin up in an aired room and let dry. When a dry crust forms on the surface, coat each piece with sauce, garlic and paprika; repeat this procedure 3 or 4 times within the next 10-12 days

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