Name Patina de piris (Pear Soufflee)


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* 2,2 pounds pears (peeled and without core)

* 6 eggs

* 4 tblsp honey

* 100 ml Passum (Very sweet wine sauce, made by boiling the must (new wine or grape juice) to thicken it. (maybe add honey? - just my guess))

* a little bit oil

* 50 ml Liquamen (a salty fish sauce. Most of the time you can replace it by salt ), or 1/4 tsp salt

* 1/2 tsp ground cumin

* ground pepper to taste


1. Mesh cooked and peeled pears (without core) together with pepper,cumin, honey, Passum, Liquamen and a bit of oil. Add eggs and put into a casserole. Cook approximately 30 minutes on small to moderate heat.

2. Serve with a bitt of pepper sprinkled on the soufflee.

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