FDRrecipes.com is a website about tasty and healthy food named after Franklin and Eleonor Roosevelt


er_fdr_campobello_1903_How to prepare tasty and healthy food at home? How to choose the right groceries at a supermarket? Which pizza recipe is better? What kind of a stove or oven is better for cooking? What to eat and how to cook it if you want to loose wheight? How to prepare romantic dinner for two which will increase your sexual performance? How to booze, but stay sober? How to make some extra cash off a good cusine?
To answer these and other questions, a non-comercial website about TASTY AND HEALTHY FOOD - FDRrecipes.com was created!

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the only President in our history, reelected four times for the Office, and who cancelled expencive receptions and state dinners in 1942 and celebrated his reelection having modest and healthy dinner with his family. We appreciate his choice!
We decided to create this specialized website where users can find all possible information about tasty and healthy food as well as tons of interesting and useful advices received from chefs and nutritionists.
Our project consists of three main parts, regularly updated Catalouge of time-proven recipes, specialized Magazine dedicated to healthy eating and Forum, where people can ask a question and get an answer, as well as share with others their ideas about tasty and healthy food.

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