Name Minutal marinum (Seafood Fricassee)


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* 17,5 ounces fish fillet (e.g. salmon)

* 250ml white wine

* 500ml beef broth

* 3 leek branches

* 100ml oil

* Liquamen (a salty fish sauce. Most of the time you can replace it by salt) or salt, coriander, pepper, Liebstoeckl (Lovage. In Latin it is called 'levisticum officinale'. It's an umbelliferous plant with yellowish flowers. Its dried roots are used as spice. It seems to be a kind of celery), Oregano to taste

* a little bit of starch or flour to thicken the sauce


Put the fish in a pan, add Liquamen, oil, wine and broth. Chop leek branches and coriander. Chop fillets into a kind of fish goulash.bszRC Cook approximately 30 minutes on small to moderate heat. When well done ground coriander, Liebstoeckl and oregano and add to the fish fricassee. Boil again shortly. Then thicken sauce with starch, sprinkle pepper on the fricasse and serve.

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