Name Truffles


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* 40g (1 1/2 oz) Stork margarine
* 50g (2 oz) icing sugar, sieved
* 125g (4 oz) plain chocolate
* 2 x 15ml spoons (2 tablespoons) brandy
* 50g (2 oz) ground almonds
* 2 x 15ml spoons (2 tablespoons) chocolate vermicelli
* 2 x 15ml spoons (2 tablespoons) cocoa powder

1. Allow Stork to soften.
2. Break chocolate into bowl over pan of hot water and allow to melt.
3. Add brandy and mix well. Take off heat and stir in Stork, icing sugar and almonds until well blended.
4. Leave in a cool place until firm enough to handle.
5. Divide into 16 even sized pieces and roll into balls.
6. Roll half the truffles in chocolate vermicelli and half in cocoa powder.
7. Place in paper cases.

Preparation time: 20 mins

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